Joomla Social Media Panel

Joomla Social Media Panel tabs documentation : Social Tabs is a brilliant sliding social media tab module and super useful for your social media needs and it is very slick in design. This module can be applied at both side of web page (right and left)

How to use this module : Many people get confused how to get facebook id for this module(This module will work with facebook business page only) . it depends upon the structure of the facebook page url , here is the explanation

CASE ONE : if your facebook page url is like this :

then in place of facebook page id use only webkul

CASE TWO : if your facebook page structure is like this :

then your facebook page id will be : pages/LabelWhore-Clothing/250133178365965

How to get google plus id :

Getting google plus id is easy please find the image below

Please shoot a ticket if you have any doubt :


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