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Integrate SOAPUI with Selenium

Updated 16 July 2021

SOAPUI Introduction

Before getting into the depth of our topic ‘Integrate SOAPUI with Selenium’, lets first get familiar with each of its term.

Selenium Webdriver

Selenium is also the most widely used open source tool for automating testing over browsers. It automates browsers across multiple platforms.
Selenium WebDriver supports many browsers including headless HTMLUnit Browser, PhantomJs. In addition to it, it supports multiple programming languages too.Selenium Webdriver communicates directly with the browser instance and there is no need for a server.

Integrate Selenium with SOAPUI

SOAPUI can be integrated with Selenium for enhancing functionalities. The simplest and easiest way to integrate Selenium with SOAPUI is to use ‘Groovy’. SOAPUI completely supports Groovy.
Groovy is an object-oriented scripting language which is based on Java Platform. Groovy has the following features:

Pre-requisites for using Selenium with SoapUI

Getting Started with ‘SOAPUI – Selenium’


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