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    How to Integrate AutoComplete Google Address In Magento 2

    Generally people find annoying to fill the web forms, while filling manually all the details may be error-prone and may lead to the error in validation. So here is the example by which we can reduce the manually filling of addresses by using the Google autocomplete API.
    Benefits of Google Address AutoComplete :
    1. Reduces Validation Issues.
    2. Enable Quick filling of the fields.
    3. Ensures Accuracy and many more.

    Now here are the steps to Integrate the API  In Magento 2:
    Step 1 : Create a basic structure of Magento 2 module ,
    please check this link for the reference :

    Steps 2 : I want to add the address field in registration page , We need to create the layout handle first in this path : app/code/<vendor_name>/<module_name>/view/frontend/layout/customer_account_create.xml

    Step 3 : Create .phtml file in this path : app/code/<vendor_name>/<module_name>/view/templates/autofill.phtml

    Step 4 : Create the block From where I have retrieved the Google API Key .

    You can modify the file as per your convenience.

    It will look like this :

    : You can integrate this API and checkout page as well while filling the shipping and address information.  Here is the google docs link from where you can read more about Google API. 


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  • sivakumar
    i’m getting undefined values after pressing enter
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