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Installing node using nvm

Updated 20 July 2017

You can install node through multiple way . But the simplest way to install node is using NODE VERSION MANAGER(NVM) through which you can easily install node and also its easy to manage node version . you can install node in few step

  1. run this command
    curl | bash
  2. change source for installing file by this command
    source ~/.bashrc
  3. now check the version of NVM installed by
    nvm --version
  4. for checking latest available version of node you can run this command in terminal
    nvm ls-remote

    All version is listed down in your terminal now you can install any of the version available you can use this command

    nvm install v6.11.0

    where v6.11.0 is the version of node you can change it accordingly. you can install more than one node version.

  6. Node with v6.11.0 is installed you need to use them by command
    nvm use v6.11.0

    you got the message “Now using node v6.11.0 (npm v3.10.10)”

Hope its worked for you. from onward you can easily install any available version of node and upgrade node version easily in your development server


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