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    How to Install TestNG in Eclipse

    Before installing the TestNg, It would be better to know about actually what it is. TestNG is a testing framework inspired by JUnit.  It is an open-source automated testing framework; where NG of TestNG means Next Generation. It provides the ability to write more flexible and powerful tests with the help of easy annotations, grouping.

    Let’s start with TestNG Installation:

    1.) In Eclipse, on the top menu bar, Under Help Menu, Click on “Install new Software” in the help window.

    2.) Enter the URL at Work With field and click on “Add” button.

    3.) Once you click on “Add”, it will display the screen, Enter the Name as “TestNG”.

    4.) After clicking on “OK”, it will search and display the software available with the URL which you have mentioned.

    5.) Now select the checkbox at TestNG and Click on “Next” button.  If there is any problem with the requirements/dependencies, it will ask you to install them first before continuing with TestNG.

    6.) Accept the Terms of the license agreement and Click on “Finish” button.

    Hope this blog helps you in installing TestNG on your machine. Happy Installing TestNG.

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