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    Importance of Omnichannel with PIM

    Updated 12 May 2022

    In this blog, we will discuss the importance of Omnichannel with PIM.

    Comparing rivals, exploring things on social media, and researching products online while at a real store all are standard practices.

    This resulted in the creation of Omnichannel commerce, which offers customers a seamless buying experience.

    Each sales channel in Omnichannel PIM System is maintained independently by distinct divisions of the brand.

    This kind of full integration has assisted companies in standing out in a world of continual rivalry, resulting in greater sales.

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    Customers want the same quality of service regardless of the platform they choose to purchase.

    A Shift Multichannel to Omnichannel

    A conventional multichannel shop could have a website as well as a real-time physical store location.

    Although both Omnichannel and multichannel include selling over a variety of physical and digital channels.

    The major difference is how the consumer experience is tied together across those channels.


    Secondly, Customers may more incline to take their business elsewhere if you guide them through a single channel, as switching channels may be complicated and irritating.

    The main distinction between multichannel and Omnichannel activity is how omnichannel activity connects the consumer touchpoints,

    So that the customer receives a consistent and joined-up experience regardless of which path they follow throughout the purchase process.

    Before moving further, let’s discuss What is Omnichannel and PIM stands for?

    What is Omnichannel?

    With the Development of Social Media and the advancement of newer technology, businesses today have a plethora of options for reaching out to their customers.


    In addition, marketers now have a variety of venues to promote their items on.

    As a result, customers demand a consistent and seamless experience across all channels and platforms. This is what forms the core of the Omnichannel.


    Omnichannel is a customer engagement strategy in which a firm provides customers and prospects with access to its goods, offers, and support services across all platforms, channels, and devices.

    Use of Omnichannel

    Single-channel merchants have failed to meet the requirements of consumers in today’s digital world, when they want to be able to buy whenever they want, from wherever they want, and however, they want.

    This gave rise to Omnichannel commerce, which allows customers to have a seamless buying experience regardless of whether they are purchasing on an Online Marketplace or social media platforms.

    However, each sales channel is supported independently by distinct divisions of the brand in Omnichannel commerce.

    Improving Consumer Impression

    An Omnichannel strategy ensures a smooth transition from in-store to online purchases, providing customers with a simple and convenient purchasing experience.


    Increasing Sales

    Emerging technology has compelled businesses to make smart decisions and embrace new business practices.


    As a result, those that have insight into their inventory and fulfillment capabilities across channels have a higher chance of increasing sales.

    Ensure Improved Data Gathering

    Information is used to track consumer behavior and acquire valuable insights through business analytics, which are then used to formulate engagement strategies.


    Increasing Productivity

    These approaches can provide shop executives with tools and knowledge that will help them be more efficient.


    The Advantages of Omnichannel Commerce

    Over the last two decades, there has been a huge shift in client purchasing behavior as a result of the revolutionary advancements in technology and the internet.


    Businesses are now required to offer items and services through a variety of retail channels, such as internet storefronts, Smartphone Applications, physical stores, and so on.


    The days of a single-channel retail enterprise are over. In today’s world, if a company wants to meet all of its consumers’ demands, they must be available at all times regardless of the time and place of their encounter.

    The Omnichannel Strategy for Integrated Data Collection and Analytics

    It enables a firm to monitor and gather data from its consumers across all channels. This data assists the firm in better understanding its consumers and learning their requirements and preferences,

    such as the items they have look at, the things they have left in the basket, the offers they were drawn to, and so on.


    Customer Loyalty

    The Omnichannel strategy emphasizes the individual buying experience across many channels and devices, therefore increasing customer loyalty.


    Improved Brand Image

    Businesses that use an Omnichannel approach can give their consumers a uniform experience across all platforms.


    Increase in Income

    Customers invite to interact with a brand across various touchpoints and channels when it takes an Omnichannel strategy to e-Commerce.

    However, the rise in varied engagements and improved customer experience at each stage of the consumer’s buying cycle might aid in revenue growth.


    What is PIM and Why do we need it ?

    The process of managing all of the information to promote and sell items with distributing channels is known as Product Information Management.

    PIM systems are critical for a company’s product information management since they provide a single source for all data that can be organized, updated, and exported. Example- Akeneo and Pimcore.

    Improved Product Data Organisation

    All essential information for every product save in one place by a fully integrate PIM system with a user-friendly category menu and a search option.


    Ability to Limit Information Access

    Access to product data may have to be carefully restricted in small to medium-sized enterprises. During development, it might be in the hands of rivals if the data from specific goods are freely available.

    Improve Customer Satisfaction

    Customer satisfaction may be improved in a variety of ways with a well-integrated PIM system, as it helps the user to drive the data easily from one place as per the customer’s demands.


    Compatible with Popular e-Commerce Platforms

    We know that having clean, easy-to-navigate, and information-rich product pages across several marketplaces enhances the user experience significantly.


    With a PIM system, you can save all of this information and easily export it to eCommerce platforms.

    The Best Tools to Boost your Omnichannel

    PIM software is a program or collection of tools that assists merchants, especially eCommerce shops, in creating and managing product information for different digital channels. example– Akeneo, Pimcore, etc.


    Akeneo is an open-source PIM system that helps businesses increase productivity by giving their employees the most effective, high-quality, and accurate product information across many channels.

    It provides multi-channel data importing and exporting capabilities, resulting in the creation of a central repository for all of your critical product data.

    SOURCE: Akeneo

    The Akeneo Mobile App displays highlighted goods, categories, and banners in a carousel manner. Users may browse to any category’s website and look at the items it has to offer by clicking on it.


    Pimcore is an open-source, future-proof platform that serves as a single point of contact for all touchpoints in your organization.

    You can connect, consolidate, and manage any type and volume of information throughout your organization using Pimcore’s PIM!

    The most significant benefit of utilizing PIM is the ability to work from a single location with several domains, regardless of size or industry!

    Using the Pimcore POS System module, you can simply handle your in-store orders and customers.

    Create numerous agents and outlets for your online business, and perfect order, customer, and inventory synchronization between Pimcore and your POS system.

    Key Features of PIM – Importance of Omnichannel with PIM

    Look for the following essential characteristics while considering PIM software:

    Catalog management integration

    The tool includes a catalog management tool or integrates with well-known catalog management systems.

    Data Import

    The data management system Imports data from External Sources with little user intervention it is compatible with common systems and file types, allowing for quick data importation.


    Editing Ease

    The program provides bulk editing, version restoration, and other features that make product data management easier.

    What is the role of PIM in Omnichannel marketing?

    Product data is at the foundation of providing a consistent purchase experience. When researching a product, customers want as much information as possible. It assists them in making an informed purchase decision.

    Wish to go omnichannel ?, you’ll need a PIM platform that keeps all of your product data in one location.

    SOURCE: Akeneo

    Getting Rid of Data Silos

    Data silos eliminate, and data is store in a single system, thanks to product information management.

    This results in the unification of product data, which requires getting the Omnichannel process start.

    Creating workflows that are efficient and consistent

    A brand may better offer accurate product data across all channels and improve sales at every point of the buying process by developing effective internal workflows.

    Delivering Quality Product Experiences Across All Channels

    A PIM platform aids in the creation of a realistic context purchasing experience.


    This accomplishes through the use of digital materials such as movies and animation. Digital Asset Management is used to manage these diverse types of material.

    Implement your Omnichannel Marketing Plan with PIM

    A product information management (PIM) platform may assist your team in placing product assets, data, and information in the most appropriate and relevant context.

    Secondly, In the Omnichannel world, no one experience is appropriate for all digital channels; each experience must be tailor to resonate with each consumer that interacts with your company across those channels.


    Your company will have access to the infrastructure it needs to display product information in the appropriate context for each channel if you use PIM technology.

    In this case, a PIM solution equalizes all information, giving customers accurate, consistent, and contextual data.

    Webkul can help you to get start with Omnichannel enable with PIM

    Brands must be flexible with their product information as customers continue to go via various purchase touchpoints. Only then will they be able to create an Omnichannel experience that truly integrates it.

    Webkul offers you a variety of modules to help you to get market attention in Omnichannel.

    Adding to this, Webkul also develops and customizes e-Commerce platforms so that you get the channel as per your need.


    However, PIM acts as a single center for storing and organizing accurate and consistent product data.

    PIM helps businesses to develop long-term consumer relationships and loyalty across all channels by providing data in a hyper-focused way.

    Future Scope

    We should not limit ourselves to just one channel if we want to provide exceptional brand experiences and gain customers.

    Despite its challenges, Omnichannel retail is here to stay.

    It is more than a fad; it is a reflection of how customers live, and businesses would be well to take this into consideration.

    Brands that capitalize on this trend and provide Omnichannel experiences may gain an advantage that competitors will find difficult to match.

    However, customer experience links to perception, sentiments, and emotions, and only by giving your organization an Omnichannel facelift can retention plans sail through managing data in a proper way using PIM.


    So, that was much about the Importance of Omnichannel with PIM, for any queries or doubts reach out to us at [email protected] . You can also raise a ticket at our HelpDesk system

    Furthermore, Please explore our Akeneo Development Services and Quality Akeneo Extensions.

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