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Importance of Ease-in Ease-Out in Motion Graphics

Updated 10 March 2016

Today i want to share with you something about the importance of timing in our animation by using “ease in-ease out”. Nothing in nature moves linearly from one point to another.In reality things turns to accelerate or decelerate as they move.

Our brains are wired to expect this kind of motion, so when you are going to animate something related to your apps, websites or some kind of your products you must use this to your advantage. Natural motion will make your users feel more comfortable with your websites/apps because it will make your users feel more comfortable, which in turn leads to a better overall experience.
It is very important to present your animation like a live picture or we can say a real movement, a great way to make your animations move in a more interesting manner is to vary the rate at which they move.
Animator trying to show the world, in which we live in, so it is very important that our picture’s moves based on real world movements, In our real life, it is very rare or minimal cases that something will move at a constant rate.

  • Easing makes your animations feel more natural.
  • Choose ease-out animations for UI elements.
For example, when we raise our hands straight up above our head, then that action can be usually starts out slowly and then it can be quick accelerate.

Here are some of the keywords that you can use in ur animations to make it feel more natural or real.

Linear Animation


Animation without easing refers to the linear animation, the graph given above is look like linear animations. In this kind of linear animation the value increases in the equal amount, and this animations feels like a robotic or we can say a flat animation.

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Ease-Out Animations

This animation starts with more quickly than a linear ones and than it tends to slow at the end.


Ease-In Animations

This animation is opposite or reverse to the “Ease-Out”. It starts with a very slow than a linear ones and than it tends to fast at the end.


Ease-In/out Animation

This animation is a combine of “Ease-In and Ease-Out” as we read above that ease-in starts with slowly and ends faster where as ease-out begins with fast to slow at the end, now in ease-in/out animation, it starts with slow and in middle it can goes a fast then it ends with again slow.



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