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    @HttpGet Annotation In Salesforce

    In this blog we are going to learn about how to expose an Apex method  as a REST resource using @HttpGet annotation.

    rest annotation

    –> REST annotation enables you to expose an Apex class or an Apex method as a REST resource. In salesforce, there are six REST annotations, that is :

    1). @RestResource(urlMapping=’/your url’)

    2). @HttpGet

    3). @HttpPost

    4). @HttpPut

    5). @HttpPatch

    6). @HttpDelete

    –> Classes with REST annotation should be defined as global.

    –> Methods with REST annotation should be defined as global static.


    –> @HttpGet is used at method level. This method is called when a HTTP GET  request is sent. To expose your apex class as REST resource you should use @RestResource(urlMapping=’/your url’) annotation at class level as shown below.

    –> Here url mapping is relative to

    –> If your class is in namespace say ‘abc’, then API  url must be as follows:


    –> URL are case-sensitive.


    Let’s create an account by sending a parameter through API url.

    Step 1: Create an apex class  say ‘restExample’.

    Step:2: Now, to expose above rest class create a site as shown below. Goto>> SetUp>> Develop>> Sites

    # Register your domain:

    # Create New Site 

    # Copy the Default Web Address

    # Now goto Public Access Setting :

    # Provide Access to object which you want to expose in class.

    # Expose Apex class :

    That’s all for setting up of site.

    Step 3:  Now paste  Default Web Address(which you have copied from site setting) by appending:

    1). Without sending any parameter : ‘/services/apexrest/example’ . 

    2).  With parameter : ‘/services/apexrest/example?account_name=Webkul’

    Now, goto account page and verify your results.




    That’s all for @HttpGet Annotation In Salesforce, still if you have any further query feel free to add a ticket, we will be happy to help you

    . . .


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