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    How to write JavaScript template in Magento2

    How to write JavaScript template in Magento2 : If want to append a clone of your html code on any event with different value then it will be the best practice to use JavaScript template , so here I am just going to explain the way to write this.

    1. Include  JavaScript template to your phtml file –
      <button id="customer-button">
          <span>Click Here to get customer data</span>
      <div id ="customer-container">
          <script id="customer-template" type="text/x-magento-template">
              <ul id="<%- %>">
                      Name : <%- %>
                      Salary : <%- data.salary %>
                      Location : <%- data.location %>
    2. Prepare Customer Data for setting in javascript template –
      $customerData = [
          ['name' => "John Doe",
          'salary' => "1000 USD",
          'location' => "California"],
          ['name' => "Jane Doe",
          'salary' => "800 USD",
          'location' => "Florida"],
          ['name' => "Bob Doe",
          'salary' => "500 USD",
          'location' => "California"],
      $jsonCustomerData = $this->helper('Magento\Framework\Json\Helper\Data')->jsonEncode($customerData);
    3. Write javascript code for appending data in your js template
      ], function ($, mageTemplate, alert){
          	$.each($.parseJSON('<?php echo $jsonCustomerData ?>'), function() {
                  var progressTmpl = mageTemplate('#customer-template'),
                  tmpl = progressTmpl({
                      data: {
                          name: this['name'],
                          salary: this['salary'],
                          location: this['location'],
    4. Now you will see a “button” and on click on this button customer data will be displayed as shown in the screenshot

    So in this way you can write your own javascript template.

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