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    How to use Salesforce Web-to-Lead in BigCommerce

    Web-to-Lead is an inbuilt feature of salesforce which allows the site owner to collect up to 500  leads per day with the prospecting data from your company’s website visitors. You can also redirect prospects to other web pages that are critical to campaign success. To use this functionality, you don’t need to install any package of the salesforce. Web-to-Lead is available in: GroupProfessionalEnterprisePerformanceUnlimited, and Developer Editions.

    Create Web-to-Lead Basic Form

    • Open your Salesforce org
    • From Setup, enter Web-to-Lead in the Quick Find box, then select Web-to-Lead
    • Now you can customize your form fields & also you can set the return URL of the form.
    • Return URL is a page where you want to redirect customers after form submission eq. “Thank You” page
    • After form fields selection click on the “generate” button.
    • Now copy the HTML code to add form in your website & click on the “Finished” button

    Successfully, we have created a Web-to-Lead Form, Now we will learn here, How we will use this copied code in our BigCommerce Store to collect leads in my Salesforce Org.

    Use HTML code on the BigCommerce to collect leads

    • Choose “Contain content created using the WYSIWYG editor below” for “Page Type”.
    • Write Page Name “Customization”.
    • Page URL will be auto-populated.
    • Add copied HTML code in Page Content.
    • Check “Navigation Menu”

    Now we will remove extra comment & tag from HTML script.

    • Remove all comments From Code.
    • Remove “Meta” tag From Code
    • Add style for each input element.
    Style="margin-bottom:10px; width:100%"

    Now your code will look like this. Now, update your page


    Now click on the “Save & Exit” button

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    It will look like this on the storefront of BigCommerce. As the customer will fill this form & submit it, A new lead will be generated in salesforce org.


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