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How to Send Email Using JMeter SMTP Sampler in WooCommerce?

Updated 24 July 2023

We will study, how to send email using JMeter SMTP sampler in WooCommerce.

To send an email using JMeter SMTP Sampler in WooCommerce, you need to configure JMeter properly and set up the SMTP Sampler with the required parameters.

Here, the SMTP Sampler can send mail messages using SMTP/SMTPS protocol.

Here’s a step-by-step guide for how to send email using JMeter SMTP Sampler:

1. JavaMail

Firstly we need to download the JavaMail jar and put it into the JMeter lib folder and then restart the JMeter.

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2. Thread Group

Add Thread Group to the JMeter test plan.


3. SMTP Sampler

Add SMTP Sampler under JMeter Thread Group.

Right click Thread Group >> Sampler >> SMTP Sampler.


4. SMTP Sampler Details

Add details in SMTP Sampler like:

  • SMTP Server: Set the SMTP server address of your WooCommerce installation.
  • Port: Enter the SMTP port (typically 587 for TLS/STARTTLS or 465 for SSL).
  • Connection Timeout: Set the timeout value for establishing a connection.
  • Read timeout: Read timeout value in milliseconds. The default is infinite timeout.
  • From: Specify the email address from which you want to send the email.
  • To: Enter the recipient’s email address.
  • Subject: Set the subject of the email.
  • Message: Enter the content of the email.

5. View Result

Now, add the View Result Tree listener to validate the test.

right click Thread Group >> Listner >> View Result Tree.


6. Test

Now run the test.


7. Email

Mail received successfully. See the below image.


Note: Make sure the SMTP server, port, and authentication credentials you provide in the SMTP Sampler are correct and valid for your WooCommerce setup.

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