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    How to Secure Joomla Sites

    Most importent and fruitful aspects of web2.0 are the great open source projects like joomla,drupal and millions of similar types .There is no doubt that joomla is the best CMS on php and has a very large community of developers and users .

    Joomla is also very secure in itself but there are several techniques by which you can enhance your site security at the zenith. WebKul having a very good experience in joomla security. i’ll explain some very awesome¬† concept on joomla security step by step ,so here we go

    Basic Security:

    Change The default UserName and Password:

    This is very common but very important caz every brute force attack came out through this. So its a string advice from  WebKul that choose a strong password and username

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    File,Directory and Config file permission: Permission is also a very basic but important issue with the site security. Your should have permission like this

    Folder permission : 755

    Config permission : 666

    files permission :644

    Here files means like PHP files htaccess file and TXT files etc . Personally i hate shared server, but if you are having shared server ,make sure that the file permission are correct specially check the logs and temp folder permisson .

    Secure FTP:

    First of all ensure that your FTP is safe personally WebKul suggests for the SFTP(Secure File Transfer protocol ) and SSL connection .

    Use Security Images (Captcha):

    Anywhere where you are using Form , you must have an habit to use captcha .There are several open source captcha plug-ins like ReCaptcha

    Advance Security :

    So its time to digg more things on Joomla security . There are dozens of things to explain here .I’ll explain Step by Step

    Critical Files: WebKul suggests that dont put your very critical files inside your Public_html folder .critical files likes configuration.php , just place all the critical files outside the public_html

    Default database prefix: This is very important Step, genrally SQL injection takes place in joomla through the Jos_users(Its predefined in every joomla ) table . Any hacker can use this table to retrive the username and password of the super Admin(If you are using any buggy extension, otherwise it is safe ). So, WebKul strongally recommands that change the prefix the joomla database

    How to change the prefix of the joomla databse :

    Its very simple ,but please follow us step by step

    1- First go to Your phpmyadmin

    2- Export Your database as .sql file .

    3- Open that file i any editor like notepad++

    4- Fine and Replace jos_ with secure_ Prefix .(Here secure is just an option you can put any string here )

    5- Import your new database.

    Make sure you put the same prefix in your Joomla database admin configuration

    WebKul Joomla Security :: Web Security Expertise

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