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    How to Override the Cart Page in WooCommerce?

    Updated 11 December 2023


    In WooCommerce, you can override the cart page template by creating a custom template file in your WooCommerce theme or child theme.

    This allows you to customize the layout and design of the cart page to better match your website’s style. Here’s how to do it:

    Override the cart page

    It’s best practice to create a custom Woocommerce plugin to add custom functionality to the online store.

    Create a Child Theme (optional): It’s a good practice to create a child theme if you’re not already using one. This ensures that your changes won’t be lost when you update the main theme.

    Locate the WooCommerce Template Files: WooCommerce template files are located in the /woocommerce directory within your theme. The cart page template is typically located at:

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    Copy the Template File: If the cart.php file does not exist in your theme, you can copy it from the WooCommerce plugin directory. To do this, navigate to the WooCommerce plugin directory:


    Copy the cart.php file and paste it into your theme directory:


    Customize the Template: Now, you can open the copied cart.php file and make your desired changes. You can modify the HTML, CSS, and PHP within this file to customize the cart page to your liking.

    Updating Your Custom Cart Page: Save your changes, and WooCommerce will use your custom WooCommerce template instead of the default one.

    The custom cart page template will override the default WooCommerce cart page.


    Please note that WooCommerce may update its templates from time to time.

    So it’s a good practice to check for updates and make any necessary adjustments to your custom template if WooCommerce introduces changes to the cart page template in future versions.

    Remember to clear any caching that may be in place on your site, as well as your browser cache, to ensure that you see the updated cart page.

    This process allows you to customize the cart page’s layout and design.

    If you need to add more advanced functionality, you can also use hooks and filters provided by WooCommerce to modify the cart page programmatically in your theme’s functions.php file or through a custom plugin.


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