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How to install Jenkins on Ubuntu

Jenkins installation & setup on Ubuntu is very easy. You just need to follow some simple steps.

Download Jenkins

1. Download Jenkins WAR file to an appropriate directory on your machine:


Start Jenkins

2. Now open a terminal and navigate to the location, where jenkins.war file is located and run the WAR file of Jenkins:

  • Note: Java is required to run jenkins.war file. So Java must be installed on the system.
java -jar jenkins.war --httpPort=12000

Leave this command in running state in the terminal until you don’t want to shut down Jenkins & if you want to start the Jenkins again then run the same command.

Setup Jenkins

3. Go to browser & hit the URL your_localhost_ip:httpPort:

For ex:

4. You will get initial password authentication page. Now get your initial administrator password from defined path :

cat /home/users/xyz/.jenkins/secrets/initialAdminPassword

Now input Administrator Password & continue.

5. You will get Jenkins setup wizard

You can proceed with default suggested Jenkins plugins or you can select plugins as per your requirement. Here I have selected Install suggested plugins.

All suggested plugins get install automatically, it will take some time.

6. Now set your credentials.

Then click on Continue as admin or Save & finish.

Now all Done.

If you have any doubt then please leave us a comment here.

Thanks! 🙂


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