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How to Import CSV into Magento

Updated 19 May 2017

This is very common question in magento that how to import csv files in magento .so lets start

1-login to your admin panel and go to system->import/export->profiles.

2-Now click on the import all product .

3-choose upload file and select your CSV file and press continue and edit .

4-After that click on the “Run Profile” and select the imported file .

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5-finally click on the run profile in Popup simple hunhh but the main problem came when your CSV doesn’t match with the magento CSV format for that purpose procedure is as below

Step 1 – Add a new product manually

Add a new product manually to the catalog, assign it to a category, and fill out all fields that will be necessary to your store. The obvious ones are price, description, quantity etc. It’s important that you fill out all fields that you know you are going to need for all the products you import.

Step 2 – Export Your Products

Now we want to export your product to a .csv file so that we can view the fields that are required to import. Go to System >> Import/Export >> Profiles. Now click on Export All Products then Run Profile. Click on the “Run Profile in Popup” button. Once the export is completed, go to your var/export directory on your Magento install and you will find the .csv file there for you to download.

Step 3 – Analyze The .CSV File

Now if you look at your .csv export file you will see the field names that you need to match up. Now just start filling yours in and creating your csv file ready for import. This step is extremely important. Otherwise Magento cannot match what you are trying to import and the importing will fail. At a most basic level, here are the fields that I imported:

  1. store
  2. attribute_set
  3. type
  4. sku
  5. category_ids
  6. status
  7. visibility
  8. tax_class_id
  9. weight
  10. price
  11. name
  12. description

Step 4 – Import Your New .CSV File

Now go to System >> Import/Export >> Profiles. Now click on Import All Products. Change “Type” under Data Format to CSV/Tab Seperated. Now click on Upload File, and browse for your .csv file and click “Save and Continue Editing”. Now go to “Run Profile” and select your file from the dropdown menu. Click the button underneath to run the import.

We are not done yet on Magento there is still a lot on Magento this is just a start . Thanks for enjoying this article ,If you have any question or suggestion please drop a mail in our mailbox or just comment on the post . enjoy 😉


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