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    Symfony – How to get parameters value in Controller and Twig

    In Symfony, we defined various parameters in Parameters.yml so that our application can use these in various places. Example –

        database_port: null
        database_name: symfony
        database_user: root
        database_password: ''
        mailer_transport: smtp
        mailer_encryption: tls
        mailer_user: john
        mailer_password: ''
        secret: your-secret-key

    But how can we access these values in our Controller or Twig ? Simple 🙂 using getParameter function you can easily access these.

    $dataBaseName = $this->container->getParameter('database_name');

    To access these parameters you have to define these in Config.yml file, under twig key with globals keyword like database_name

    # Twig Configuration
            database_name: %database_name%

    using %% you can access defined values like we use $ in php for variables.

    Twig template code

    {{ database_name }}

    Symfony version used – 2.7

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