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    How to Generate Enterprise WSDL File from Salesforce

    The WSDL (Web Service Definition Language) file is dynamically generated based on which type of WSDL file (enterprise or partner) you download. The generated WSDL defines all of the API calls, objects (including standard and custom objects), and fields that are available for API access for your organization.

    To generate the WSDL file form Salesforce Organization :

    1. Log in to your Salesforce Account. You must log in as an administrator or as a user who has the “Modify All Data” Permission.
    2. Go to Setup — > Develop –> API , Click to API
    3. Download the Enterprise  WSDL
      • If you’re downloading an Enterprise WSDL and you have managed packages installed in your org, click Generate Enterprise WSDL . Salesforce provide you to select the version of each installed package to include in the generated WSDL.
      • Otherwise, right-click the link for the appropriate WSDL document to save it to a local directory.

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