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    How to enhance your eCommerce with Odoo V15?

    Updated 24 December 2021


    Enhance eCommerce with Odoo V15 this year!!

    As per Odoo’s standard plan, the software has been launched with a new version every year since 2014 and this trend will continue in the upcoming years too. As a result, till now, Odoo has reached Version 14. 

    Every year, Odoo’s new version includes new methodologies, powerful capabilities, and meaningful integrations with third-party software that enhances the software each year.

    As per the last version – Odoo V14 has marked its footsteps tremendously in terms of functionalities and capabilities. As of now, Odoo V14 is considered one of the advanced and fastest Odoo ever that gave quite a competition to other softwares in different businesses.

    Moreover, the Odoo V14 was launched in the middle of the pandemic and after that too, it met with expectations efficiently.

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    Make this New Year happy and presentable with Odoo V15

    However, as soon as the new year comes, the new version of the Odoo is standing in the queue with more advancements in its pocket. Yes, we are talking about Odoo V15, which was launched on 6th Oct. this year. So before we bid goodbye to this year, let us know how Odoo V15 is better and more advanced than V14 and how it will enhance our eCommerce capabilities.

    As expected, Odoo V15 is far more advanced than the previous version i.e V14. Odoo V15 in comparison is the plethora of functionalities and tools that help you to run your business more efficiently and authentically.

    Odoo 15 being the latest version of Odoo has come up with some amazing functionalities that are needed to be presented in public. And it’s our responsibility to keep ourselves updated with each and every method possible.

    There’s a race to be ahead of the curve. Either you match up to its speed or risk falling out of pace!!

    So here are some mind-boggling features of Odoo V15 that will definitely entice you to upgrade.

    Highly-functional Import Record Feature


    Odoo V15 has come up with a new feature of ‘Import Record’ that has improved the functionality of Odoo than usual. It comes with new options such as currency conversion rates, cash rounding, etc. It basically makes it easier for you to generate invoices for any section in Odoo.

    There will be a cash rounding section available distinctly that can be used to define previously rounding methods for customers invoices and you can apply them to new invoices too.

    Manage Pivot Views and Graph Views in Odoo


    Now you can present your data in Graph and Pivot views expeditiously. There will be some updates available in the V15 version. The new version will basically allow the admin to edit and adjust the graphs in the studio itself.

    The easy updating of graph views in Odoo studio will make you improve data representation along with acquire valuable insights for improved decision-making and analysis. If customizations are in your hand, then you can easily compare different values in Odoo.

    Coupon and Promotion Program in POS


    A new feature has been added to the POS category of Odoo i.e Coupon and Promotions Programming from the backend. 

    Initially, the coupons and promotion programming was only available for sales and eCommerce websites only. With Odoo V15, this functionality is now applicable in POS too. 

    In POS, you will get an option to create coupons or add promotions to your POS store from the backend. You can generate these coupons and promotions for later usage as per the need. 

    To enable it, the cashier has to click on the ‘Enter Code Button’ on POS and the coupon will be applied to the order which will be visible on the customer’s invoice.

    Odoo Website Coupons & Vouchers allow you to create discount coupons in Odoo. Generate and hand out voucher codes, which can be used by the customers to avail flat or percentage-based discounts on the orders. 

    The same functionality is also available for POS Store too.

    New HTML Editor

    A new and attractive HTML editor is waiting for you in this version. Although it will be similar to HTML editors, now it will also include HTML codes. This will enable many developers to increase their productivity.

    Enhanced Purchase Management in Odoo

    As we all know, Odoo ERP comes with a dashboard by default. However, Odoo V15 adds up some astounding functionalities to the original dashboard too. Basically talking about the Purchase dashboard, it mainly provides you the information about the taxed and untaxed based total at the backend. 

    The newly designed purchase dashboard in Odoo 15 presents you with an unadulterated and reliable view of data and statistics of all your purchases. You have to just use the reporting tab on the Odoo V15 to use this functionality.

    Also look at our fully functional, all-in-one dynamic Odoo Purchase Dashboard that enhances your purchasing experience in Odoo.

    Website Product Page Redesigning


    Being human, we all get bored by looking at the same kind of page or any other thing every single day. Redesigning the same enables us to add a spark to the website. With Odoo V15, you can see a new appearance of the product description, simplified payment process, add-to-cart possibilities, etc. 

    Now, sellers can also publish a detailed view of product descriptions that can enable customers to have a thorough view of products before purchasing them.

    Odoo Product More Info module displays more info links on the Product page. Request query Form helps the website user to submit the product-related query.

    Sell Gift Cards in Odoo


    This functionality enables you to sell gift cards in Odoo. It is one of the most popular ways to enhance your sales when the customers are in a dilemma of what to buy?

    You can create unique codes for these gift cards and customers can redeem them at the time of shopping on the website. You can either mail the code or give them physically as per your convenience.

    Odo Website Gift Cards module allows selling gift cards on eCommerce. It also enables you to sell multiple variants of gift cards (based on price).

    Project Burndown Chart

    With Odoo V15 incoming, this feature lands in the Project Section of the software. With the help of this new reporting tool, the admin can look up the actual progress of the project phase-wise. 

    It mainly enables you to check the current trend of the project along with the reasons for the delay in it.

    Availability of Share Buttons in Odoo

    This new feature of hare buttons allows you to share your products or any other promotional offer on different social media platforms easily. You can even share the product details to any customer on their social media handle. 

    This will enable you to share and make popular your eCommerce website on different social media without any hassle.

    The share button functionality will be available in the customization section of the Odoo eCommerce website.

    Odoo Website Social Share allows you to share the product on the social network platform. The module increases the social reach of the products present on the website.

    Inventory Adjustment in Odoo

    One of the most effective and important features of Odoo V15. Being the owner of the Odoo ERP, keeping a check on the Inventory details is mandatory. 

    With this feature, you can have a look at your inventory details, also you can add the history option. It will help you to see the products checksum like their purchase date, order date, sales, etc.

    The Difference tool checks the difference between the amount of stock left & the product sold from inventory. It also depends on the basis of profit or loss of sales.


    Additional Features

    Odoo V15 will also incorporate these features as well!!

    • BOM formulas, % of final products.
    • Improved manufacturing process.
    • Neatly designed eCommerce frontend.
    • Business Intelligence Tools.


    All the features above clearly say that Odoo V15 has a lot more than we can imagine. As Odoo is expanding its business expertise each year, this new version will definitely leave an impact on our businesses. We also hope for more new advances and features coming on the road. These features will definitely entice us and make our eCommerce businesses more effective and efficient.

    Although you are looking for customization or stepping to a whole new version of Odoo, Webkul experts are always here. They will be happy to provide you with solutions to your queries and issues.

    Tell us how you are planning to implement the new version of Odoo?

    If you are looking for something that is not present here, contact us at [email protected]


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