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How to Create Shipping Method in Shopware 6?

Updated 21 November 2022


In this blog, we will learn how to create a shipping method in Shopware 6. Shopware is a leading open commerce platform based on Symphony and Vue.js, that helps you to create understanding and attractive online stores. It is also Germany’s growing platform and has the largest number of live stores in Germany.

Shopware is more flexible, less complex, and offers scalable commerce technology. Shopware is now starting to enter new European nations and is making a big impact in the UK.

Also, you can check how you can extend your e-commerce store functionalities and add new features using Shopware extensions.

Shipping Method

A shipping method is an option for selecting the delivery service and charges that a shopper sees and pays at checkout. Examples of shipping methods include a fixed charge, like a $5 flat rate on all orders. Or table rate based on weight or order value. Or free shipping, where no amount is charged.

How to Create the Shipping method

Now to create the shipping method in Shopware 6, you have to go to the Dashboard>>Setting and then click on the Shipping button.

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Now on this shipping page, you will see the shipping methods. Then to add a new shipping method, click on to Add shipping method button.


On this page, first, you will enter the shipping name and click on the active button. After that, fill in the Description and upload the logo of the image.

In the delivery time, you can enter a delivery time. This will be displayed when you select the shipping method.

Tags, you can enter keywords for the shipping method, which will make it easier to find it later.


Availability rule, you can select the rule for the shipping method.

In the Price Matrix, you can now manage the shipping costs for this shipping method. For this, you have a price matrix for your order in which you can define any price rules.

Price matrix by a property – If you create the price matrix after the property, the properties number of positions, shopping cart value, weight, and volume are available to you. 

Price matrix by rule – You can also build the price matrix according to a self-defined rule from the Rule Builder instead of according to one of the predefined properties.


After that, click on the save button.

Customer view

When the customer purchase product, then in the add to shopping cart option or checkout page customers can select the shipping method, that has been set by the admin in the product.


Need help?

That’s all about how to create a shipping method in Shopware 6. For any query and issue related to Shopware please create a support ticket.

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