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    How to Create Scale units in Shopware6?

    In this article you are going to learn” How to create Scale units in Shopware6?”.

    Shopware is a user-friendly backend. With the new reduced and lean responsive backend of Shopware 6, the administration of your shop has never been as intuitive as it is now. Shopware 6 was developed with the “API-First” approach to providing flexibility and growth in the future.

    Shopware is More flexibility, Less complexity, One technology.

    The shopware is now starting to enter new European nations and is making a big impact in the UK. You can check here other Shopware modules –

    Scale units

    You can create your own units for your products. For example, you might sell drinks by the bottle or shoes by the pair.

    How to create a Scale units

    To create a new Scale unit follow below steps:

    you have to go to the Settings > Shop > Scale Units

    The units are used to creating or editing products. For create a scale unit, click on the Create a new scale unit button.

    Here you can enter a new scale unit.

    After that, go to the Product>Add Product> Measures & Packaging.You can select the units in the drop down menu for each product.

    How can we show it on the front end?

    The scale of measurement used to represent actual dimensions in a model or drawing. When the customer purchase product, then customers can see the scale unit on the product page.

    Need help?

    I hope you have enjoyed this article. For any query in Shopware, you can send us an email at Please let me know if you want to discuss your Shopware project, you can ping us anytime at our skype:

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