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    How to Create New Products in Shopware 5

    In this blog, we will understand how to create a new product in Shopware 5. Shopware is a leading Germany-based e-commerce platform.

    To date, the platform has received more than 80 thousand users. Shopware is an open-source eCommerce framework, it has features which are taking this platform to prime levels i.e. content management, a multiwarehouse system, and many more.

    Also, you can check how you can extend your e-commerce store functionalities and add new features using Shopware extensions.

    Create New Products

    Let us learn how to create new products in Shopware 5. To create new products in Shopware, you have to log in to the admin page. To add a product in Shopware you have to navigate to Item>>Overview.


    Now click on the overview button, and a new page will open here admin can see all the products.

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    After that click to Add Item to create new products.


    After that fill the Basic info like


    Now after filling in all the details of basic info click on categories to select the particular category for the product.

    New Product in Shopware 5

    Click the images section then click to add images or use the drag and drop feature to add a product image.

    New Product in Shopware 5

    If you want to associate products with your product click on cross-selling and then add the products.

    New Product in Shopware 5

    You can add links and add files to the product click on resources.

    New Product in Shopware 5

    After filling in all the details click to Save button. As you can see in the below image new product added to the product list.

    New Product in Shopware 5

    Shopware Store

    Products will appear on the storefront as per the image.

    New Product in Shopware 5

    Click on the product to check all the product details or to add the product to your shopping cart.

    New Product in Shopware 5

    Need help?

    That’s all the How to Create New Product in Shopware 5, if you have still any queries or issues please create a support ticket here

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