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How to Create Multiple Shops in Shopware 6.

Updated 13 August 2021


With this user guide, you will learn “How to create Multiple Shops in Shopware 6″. The admin can choose an individual sales channel that you want to show in the Front-store.

In the simple description, Shopware provides functionality in which you will create Multiple Shops in shopware back-end but at a time you can show individual sales channels in front-store.

In this blog, you will see how to do this!

Advantages of Multiple Shops

Multiple Shops means a combination of different-different shopping stores. Multiple shops shopping carts allow shop merchants to easily manage their multiple shops in one single admin panel. 

  • You can set-up different stores in different languages for different countries.
  • Shopware allows the admin to control all the shops in the one administrate.
  • You can do it in on related domain. You have one store in many languages.
  • Customers from various countries can see their products in their local language.
  • You have many brands and want to preserve intact their diversity.
  • The merchants get their orders in the account, the site owner plays no role here.
  • Order management is the sole responsibility of the merchants.
  • All payments go in the merchant account administrator.
  • The administrator checks and transfers the fund to the vendor account.

Shopware Back-end

Go to the Shopware 6 admin panel. On the left side of the Dashboard, you will see there is an option of the Sales channel.

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Here you will see on the sales channel menu there are two options.

Headless – You want to create a new sales channel with an HTML storefront or a Headless sales channel that only provides the API interface.

Shop – If you want to create a new sales channel without an API interface then you will choose it.


Now, to create a new sales channel, click the Plus symbol. Already created sales channels are displayed below the point sales channel and can be edited by clicking on them.

To storefront, click on Add sales Channel.


After that, you will see a new page will open.

General Setting

In the General setting, the first thing you need to do is to define some basic settings for the new sales channel. 

  • Name – Here you will enter the shop name.
  • Starting point main navigation – Under navigation, you can specify one entry point for the main navigation.
  • Point Service navigation – Select one for service navigation
  • Starting point footer navigation – Choose one for the footer navigation.
  • Customer Group – You will specify the customer group.
  • Payment method – You will select payment methods that are suitable for your business.
  • Shipping method – Can select shipping methods for your store.
  • Countries – In this, you can select countries.
  • Currencies – Here you select the currency that is related to your country.
  • Language – In this option, you will select languages for your store.


Under the item domain, you can create several domains for your sales channel.

Click on the Add domain.


Now, you can see a new page will be open.

Url – You have to enter the Virtual URL.

Currency – Select its own currency.

Language – Choose its own language.

Snippet – Select snippet-set.

After filled all options, click on the Add domain button.


In this way, you can create several languages for one shop. 

API access

You can generate an API access key under options. With this, you can connect various connections, such as merchandise management systems or similar, to the Shopware API.

Click on create a new API key. After clicked on the API key a new API key will be generated.


After that you have made all the configurations, you can save the settings you have made for the sales channel using the save button in the upper right corner.


You can assign a theme to your sales channel in the Theme tab.

If you click on the thumbnail of the theme or on the Change theme, you can assign one of the installed themes.

After that, you can also edit the themes.


Shopware Front

Go to Shopware Backend-> Dashboard-> Sales channel. In the Sales Channel, click on the New sales channel (Test).


When you will (Test) click the new sales channel, a new page will be open.

Go to the domain then copy URL, open URL into the new search page.


Now you will see a new shop has created.



If you have any query or issue please create a support ticket here

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