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    How to create layered navigation on custom page in Magento 2?

    Today I’ll explain how you can add layered navigation to a custom page. In this example I’ll create a module named Webkul_LayeredNavigation and on layerednavigation/index/index page I’ll show the products with layered navigation. Here I’ll only explain those code which are necessary for implementation of the layered navigation.

    P.S – You can check Webkul Layered Navigation Module

    First create di.xml with following code under Webkul/LayeredNavigation/etc/ folder,

    Then add following in the layout file which in my case is layerednavigation_index_index.xml under Webkul/LayeredNavigation/view/frontend/layout/ folder,

    In the above code I have added class page-products to the body tag to inherit the default styling.

    Now we will override the model files to get required data.

    Now create Layer.php under Webkul/LayeredNavigation/Model/ folder with following code,

    After that create Resolver.php under Webkul/LayeredNavigation/Model/Layer/ folder with following code,

    Then under Webkul/LayeredNavigation/Model/ResourceModel/Layer/Filter/ folder create Price.php file,

    Now we are done with the model and we will override the block to show proper data.

    Now create Navigation.php file under Webkul/LayeredNavigation/Block/ folder with following content,

    Then create State.php file under Webkul/LayeredNavigation/Block/Navigation/ folder with following code,

    Then under Webkul/LayeredNavigation/Block/Product/ folder create ListProduct.php and add following code,

    That’s it, we have overridden all the required files.

    Now you can check the front-end and it should display the layered navigation on left side,

    Happy coding 🙂

    . . .

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  • Jhonattan
    This is very useful!
    I’m having an issue with price filter on this custom layered navigation. Query is broken when I activate filtering by price. I see magento’s ORM is mixing wrong tables. Take a look this pastebin
    Any help will be appreciated.
  • Moses
    Thank you for sharing this code. Its working perfect.
    I do have a question though, Does the Class Preferences that you have declared in the di.xml is safe. Any Idea why this is not declared by Magento itself.
    • Sanjay Chouhan (Moderator)
      Yes it is safe.
  • sebastien
    Can you tell me which version you use ?
    I’m trying on 2.1.9 but when I use the ‘setup:d:compile’ command it gives error :

    Class Magento\Framework\Indexer\DimensionFactory does not exist (use in the Price.php)

    This class doesn’t exists in 2.1.9
    Thanks for your help.

    • Sanjay Chouhan (Moderator)
      Hi, just remove it from the constructor.
  • birjitsinh
    please help me not working with 2.2.5
  • Navin Bhudiya
    it gives error
    : Uncaught Error: Call to a member function getIdentities() on null in vendor/magento/module-catalog/Block/Category/View.php:179
    • Sanjay Chouhan (Moderator)
      Please let me know which version of Magento are you using?
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