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    How to Create Custom DataGrid using Akeneo

    In Akeneo, If you want to display a list of item in a grid system with CRUD functionalities. You can use Akeneo Datagrid. the benefits of Akeneo grid component are filtering, sorting, pagination, and search item. Using Akeneo you can define the form to edit or display an item easily.  Let’s start with an example with multi credentials for a connector.

    First, you need to create an entity for data grid items. As Akeneo relies heavily on standard tools like Doctrine,



    Now create a Datagrid.


    you need to define the data source service for datagrid.

    Define the Datasource class which is used in data source service.

    Define the Access control list ( acl.yml )

    Define the following routes as used in datagrid for actions edit, change status, delete.

    • webkul_custom_credentials_edit
    • webkul_custom_credentials_change_status
    • webkul_custom_credentials_delete

    Model form to create credential Instance
    Create the js module and registered in requirejs.yml

    Create instance js module.

    Create the form for the above module.
    Now grid is ready to render.
    Additionally, you can add mass edit, delete options for items in the datagrid.
    . . .


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