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How to Create an Online Marketplace Website With OpenCart

Updated 26 December 2023

You will get all the answers related to the OpenCart Marketplace because this will explain the whole process & help you in the Online Marketplace with OpenCart.

To create the latest Marketplace website you should be aware of the latest and upcoming technologies so let’s start with the Marketplace.

A Marketplace is a digital store where buyers/sellers are available. It is a single platform where buyers will get different types of products/services.

It provides you with different shipping as per the seller’s choice even payment methods.


Different Roles with Functions in Online Marketplace With OpenCart


  • The admin of the Marketplace will allow the seller to sell the product and will earn a commission on every single sale.
  • The seller can set the commission through Advance Commission, which is of two types Fixed and Percentage.
  • OpenCart Marketplace Multi-Step Vendor Signup module allows the admin to create a smooth process, and multi-step registration forms for the sellers while signing up.


  • The one who wants to sell the product and services at a good price and wants to earn profit.
  • As the study says different shipping and payment methods always help in the conversion of revenue. Sellers can provide the same as per the availability, OpenCart Marketplace Shipping.
  • OpenCart Multi Vendor Bulk Upload this module will help the seller to upload the product in bulk to the Marketplace. This module will save the time of the seller and efforts.
  • Different payment methods always help customers with easy pay. Sellers can provide the same as per the availability, of the OpenCart Marketplace payment system.


  • The buyer/customer is here only to compare the goods and services and wants to purchase the goods and services.
  • Buyers can book the service in advance on the Marketplace such as hotel booking, movie ticket booking etc. With the help of the Opencart Marketplace Advance Booking Reservation System.
  • To search the nearby stores as per the address OpenCart Marketplace Hyperlocal System allows customers to type the address it will show you the nearby online store as per the input to make the shopping experience smooth.
online marketplace website in 2022 with an Opencart

Steps to Start Your Own Online Marketplace With OpenCart

Step 1: Deciding the types of Marketplace

The first step is to decide which type of Marketplace you want B2B, B2C & C2C.

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B2B– In this Bussiness 2 Bussiness Marketplace this is an entrepreneur-level Marketplace where there is no direct involvement of customers. Ex-

B2C – Bussiness 2 Customer Marketplace means there is the direct involvement of the customer and transaction is between business and customer. Ex- Amazon. in.

C2C– Customer 2 Customer Marketplace There is no involvement of business this relates to the transaction between the customer only. Ex-

online marketplace website in 2022 with an Opencart

Step 2: Deciding the Platform for the Marketplace

After deciding on the Marketplace, you have to decide on the platform for Marketplace, the recommended one is OpenCart.

OpenCart is an Open-Source eCommerce platform where anyone can create their online store without coding knowledge and grow their business globally.

Many add-ons are available in the Webkul store. Using these add-ons admin can change the default store into the Marketplace and add more features to the Marketplace.

If you already have a default OpenCart store and want to convert that into the Marketplace then you need to decide, what will you provide like a product or service.

If it is product-based then OpenCart Multi-Vendor Marketplace module for OpenCart.

And if it is service-based then OpenCart Marketplace Advanced Booking Reservation System.

online marketplace website in 2022 with an Opencart


  1. This OpenCart module supports all templates and themes.
  2. OpenCart Marketplace Advanced Booking and Reservation module supports the Multi-Store feature of default Opencart.

Step 3: Selecting domain and server

In this step, the Owner/Admin will select the Marketplace Domain, which can be .com, .in, or .net.The domain is just like the address of the store to reach the Marketplace.

online marketplace website in 2022 with an Opencart


As an admin of the Marketplace, you should be aware of the data load and this is the reason the server should not be local/self-hosted. The server should be cloud-based for the smooth and fast access of the data.

webkul store marketplace opencart

Step 4: Introduce New Technology in your Marketplace

We are talking about the latest emerging Marketplace which should be launched with new technology and creative ideas.


AI stands for Artificial Intelligence is a powerful computer system that acts like a human but the thinking power of AI is still limited as compared to a human.

Artificial Intelligence makes it possible for machines to learn from experience. Using AI in the Marketplace will change the Marketplace’s future

Analyze the situation and act like a natural. Suggest some relevant options to the customer as per the input.

Voice – Command

The Voice-Command feature is not the new one but having a voice-command in the Marketplace will definitely give a new look and help ease of search to the customer.

To understand it a better way let’s take the example of Google Assistant and Alexa.

webkul store marketplace opencart

Contactless Delivery

In contactless delivery, there is no contact between the delivery boy and the package receiver and the buyer has to pay online not via COD.

ZERO-TOUCH delivery demand was raise during the COVID-19 as it was too safe during the lockdown period.

As per the GOVT rules and regulations, only home delivery was allowed in some areas.

online marketplace website in 2022 with an Opencart
The delivery boy is going to deliver the package to the customer’s door.

Social Commerce

we are all aware of teleshopping, yes! exactly the same concept but it is on social media. There are numerous business pages on social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and many more.

The admin of the pages can do live videos for the particular product and services. Viewers can take action on the same if they really want to buy that product or service.

Group Buying

The Group Buying Marketplace model is the next upcoming trend in the e-commerce field.

webkul store marketplace opencart


OpenCart Marketplace Hyperlocal System is the add-on of OpenCart Marketplace. Hyper-Local will help in locating the nearby store of your location.

The hyperlocal module will work as a store locator so that customers can purchase from the selected store. As shown in the below image the customer needs to type the address.

The customer can do shopping from only the nearby store that is shown.

webkul store marketplace opencart
The customer added an address here
webkul store marketplace opencart
Customers will get near the seller’s store

Step 5: Advertising and promotion of the Marketplace

The last and action-oriented step is advertising and promotion now the admin has to promote the Marketplace to the public.

To create awareness of the Marketplace and its features advertising and promotion help the admin to attract traffic buyers and sellers.

Sellers also need to promote the product and services to generate more revenue. For advertising sellers can use the OpenCart Marketplace Multi-Tenant Advertisement System.


To create a successful online Marketplace, choose the right platform, offer a wide variety of products and services, make it easy for buyers to find what they need, and provide excellent customer service.

Promote your Marketplace on social media and other online channels to attract buyers and sellers from all over the world.

Webkul is an OpenCart Gold Partner that provides comprehensive OpenCart development services. You can also hire OpenCart developers from Webkul.

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