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How to connect UV Desk with Booking Commerce.

Updated 19 October 2023

About Uvdesk Addon

Uvdesk addon is an open-source help desk system that gives you the ability to connect and communicate with your customers. The Uvdesk addon is now available for the booking commerce platform.

In our booking commerce platform, Now you can integrate the UVdesk add-on with booking commerce by which an automatic ticket on the uvdesk for their concern like a help desk system, and you can send them replies from the Uv-desk system.

Installation of the UVdesk in the booking commerce.

To install the uvdesk in the booking commerce, you need to follow the below path.

Owner booking commerce panel >> addons >> uvdesk >> click on install button.

Uv desk

Uvdesk Addon Configuration


Once you install the Uvdesk addon you need to add Authorization Token &  Domain URL under the configure section.

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To get the Authorization Token please check here.

Domain URL: Here you need to enter your Domain URL.

For example, enter your-domain (No need to start the domain with https://,http://,www. and no need to end with ‘/’)

Do you want to create a ticket for Booking: Enable this if you want to create a ticket for the bookings. If you enable this configuration then the next configuration will be visible, else it will be hidden.

Enable this configuration for auto-assigning tickets to the assigned member: If you want to auto-assign the ticket to the dedicated member then please enable this configuration.


Under the message section, you will get a mail template of the Booking request submitted.

The template below is editable as well.


Workflow of the Uvdesk addon

After the installation and the configuration of the Uvdesk customers need to make a booking from the front end.

Uv desk addon

After the successful booking of the booking product. In the owner panel, the booking will be listed under the booking section >> booking edit page.

Uv desk addon

Booking view on the agent panel after booking is approved as mentioned in the below image.

Uv desk addon

Also, the owner will get a list of the tickets under the Uvdesk section.

Uv desk addon

But if the ticket is assigned to the other agent then the agent can also check from the respective panel.

Uv desk addon

Note: Make sure your agent has an account on the Uvdesk for the ticket system.

Uv desk addon

If you click on the ticket number mentioned under the About Uvdesk ticket section, you will land on the ticket page of Uvdesk and can send a reply to the client as per the concern.


Thus, that’s all about the Uvdesk addon for the booking commerce, If you have any issues, please feel free to write a mail to [email protected] and let us know your views at our HelpDesk System.

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