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    How to backup and restore OpenERP database ? part-1

    Updated 26 March 2015

    There are many methods for performing backup and restore operation on OpenERP database. Some of them are using Openerp GUI, using command prompt(i.e using postgresql), using PG Admin, using python script in scheduler/automated action from Openerp. But the simple, easiest, and most widely used method among all these for performing backup and restore operations on Openerp is : Using OpenERP`s GUI (web-Interface).

    In this article , I`ll describe you how to backup and restore OpenERP database using this method.

    1] Open Login screen, then click on Manage Databases.


    2] Click Backup menu and select your database, set master password, click Backup button and just save that database dump file on your system.

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    3] For Restore database, browse your database dump file set password and make name to new database and click Restore.


    If everything goes well you should see a “Database Restored successfully” message.

    In the next post,  I`ll describe you how to backup and restore OpenERP database using command prompt(i.e using postgresql).


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