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How to auction memorabilia online on Shopify

Updated 24 April 2024

What is Auction?

A selling event or a process in which buying or selling of Products, goods, and services are finalised based on bids is called an Auction.

The one who offered the highest bid got the goods or services in auction


Why Auction?

  • First of all, Auction is a seller control process, and it helps in increasing the price of the product due to competitive bidding.
  • One can find the Rare items at a nominal price at Auction.
  • Helps buyers to bid for their desired item and to get it at a genuine price.

What is Memorabilia ?

Memorabilia items or Memorable/commemorative/relic/ vintage items are those items that are old and remind us about our past or are sometimes considered as notations of memory of past events.

Memorabilia may contain old postcards, celebrity signature outfits, cricket bats of Renowned cricketers with autographs, Dresses worn by celebrities, etc.

They are usually rare and expensive items.

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Many people who either invest in antique material or have a passion for old things are in love with these items, making them more demanding.

Die Hard fans of celebrities and sports persons are ready to pay heavy prices for the objects related to them.

How to Auction?

In earlier days, auctions were performed in physical manner only. But nowadays it is not that favourable due to the significant cost of organising the whole event.

People are moving towards alternate options and one of the best options is to Auction their items online.

With the online auction, the charge of organising the event is negligible and it attracts the audience worldwide.

There are many platforms and apps which support online auctions. They make the whole process more interesting and less time-consuming.

If you want to auction your products online and have your account on Shopify, then we recommend you Webkul Product Auction.

If you don’t have a Shopify account and you have some memorabilia that you are interested in Auctioning. Then do not worry, You can create your Shopify account and may get your product auction easily on the same day too.

auction-image for memorabilia

Webkul Product Auction

To solve the problem that occurs with online Auction, Team Webkul designed the Product Auction App.

The product auction app allows the Admin to enable the bidding feature on products he/she wants to go for Auction.

Admin can Monitor all the bids from the app itself and can provide a minimum base amount and many more things.

It provides a Proxy-Bidding Feature and allows customers to place Normal or Proxy bids through a single button.

This App also provides a Popcorn Bidding feature and Send automatic mails to both Winners and losers of the Auction.

For more information please, go through this blog :

Winding up:

Auction is a very good sales technique where a seller can earn more through competitive bidding, also the user gets their desired product at their own price which they have bided.

Webkul Product Auction app helps you in making your online Auction Journey super smooth. Provides Multiple features for live auctions and provides multiple other functionalities.

Thank you for Reading this.

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