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How to apply a patch – Akeneo

Updated 24 August 2022

This blog helps you to upgrade Akeneo from a patch or minor version to a more recent one.

Community Edition:

Run the composer update command:

php -d memory_limit=4G /usr/local/bin/composer --prefer-dist update

After successfully completing the above command check the updated version

     php /usr/local/bin/composer licenses 

Stop the daemon to avoid generating outdated cache.

Then clean the cache, re-install assets, and warm up the cache:

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service php7.3-fpm restart
rm -rf var/cache/* ./web/bundles/* ./web/css/* ./web/js/*
bin/console --env=prod pim:installer:assets
bin/console --env=prod cache:warmup
yarn run less
yarn run webpack

Hard-reload the browser / clear the browser cache for testing the upgraded Akeneo version.

If you get a 500 error after upgrading, and clear cache isn’t working, try to clear the apc cache with a php script or restart Apache/Web server. also check the permission of var directory

For More Infomation:

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