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    How to Add Xmap Sitemap in Google WebMaster Tool

    hey Happy new year to all ,may god fulfill all your ambitions , After banging my head i got the solution of  How to Add Xmap Sitemap in Google WebMaster Tool so here we go .I’ll explain each and every thing Step-by-Step

    Xmap is really an awesome and dynamic sitemap Generation tool but the problem came when you are submitting your sitemap URL to google webmaster-tool and it shows the cross sign . Need not to be panic just follow the steps as described below :

    1- Verify your site to google webmaster-tool .

    2- Open your installed Xmap component from the joomla admin and go to CSS tab and click on Use classic XML Sitemap display then press save

    3- Now open the sitemap tab and click on Preference then copy the URL of XML SiteMap and add this URL to you google webmaster-tool

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    4- Last and very important concept,make sure your site verified in google webmaster-tool as or

    If all things done as explained ,google tool will show you the green Arrow.

    We are not done yet on joomla SEO(search engine optimization ) there is still a lot on SEO this is just a start . Thanks for enjoying this article ,If you have any question or suggestion please drop a mail in our mailbox or just comment on the post . enjoy 😉

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