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    How to Add new Countries in Shopware6?

    In this article you are going to learn” How to Add new Countries in Shopware6?”

    Shopware presents the most advanced e-commerce software. Shopware 6 is built on a completely new technical basis and is base on an API First approach. With the software, all areas of a shop control via an API, so various third-party providers can automate processes within Shopware.

    Shopware is More flexibility, Less complexity, One technology.

    The shopware is now starting to enter new European nations and is making a big impact in the UK. You can check here other Shopware modules –

    What are the benefits of adding countries

    If you have a physical store, you are limited by the geographical area that you can service. With an e-commerce website, the whole world is your playground. You can sell your product into the worlds.

    Global e-commerce has become a necessity for today’s business-to-business companies and b2c companies also. The benefits are plentiful and provide large opportunities for growth – even for SMEs.

    Add New Country

    To add Countries follow below steps

    You have to go to the Settings > Shop > Countries.

    Here you can add a new country, configure existing countriesdelete them, and see if they are currently active.

    For adding new countries, click on the Add Country.

    In the mask for the creation of new countries you have the possibility to assign the country a name, a position, which refers to how far your country appears sorted within your shop, and the respective ISO codes.

    For add new state/province, click on the Add state/province.

    You can also directly preselect whether the country should consider active, or add country states to your country.
    You can then assign a name, iso-code, and position for your country state, in a pop-up window.

    After that click on the Save button.

    Note – New data must always be entered in the defined system standard language.

    How can admin set the countries?

    Admin can go to the his/her sales channel, and in the countries option they can select the countries for his/her product.

    Need help?

    I hope you have enjoyed this article. For any query in Shopware, you can send us an email at Please let me know if you want to discuss your Shopware project, you can ping us anytime at our skype:

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