Holi Bash, 2018!
1 March 2018

Holi Bash, 2018!

India is known for its dynamic, vibrant colors— everything from clothes and jewelry to the painted elephants of Jaipur. However, nothing displays India’s love of color more than the festival of Holi, the Festival of Colors.
It is a joyous ritual when intense colors, light, emotion, and energy combine in a surreal vision of spirituality.

Being an Indian organization, we Webkulites celebrated the same at its full extent. What better way to celebrate anything than starting with fun activities in office premises to keep ourselves exhilarated.
So, we turned the Saturday, 24th February 2018 out as a Webkul’s Holi Day and started around 11:30 hours with none other than corporate’s favorite ‘Treasure Hunt’. For this we segregated the team in two to find hidden parts of Lego by following a series of clues and then craft the same, and it was really a super fun moment to see that excitement in the team to outpace. It took around 90 minutes to get the game over but that teamwork was worth to watch.

The next were some ‘Minute to win it’ sort of games like the game called “Straw & Thermocol Balls” in which every player got a turn to suck the thermocol balls from a container and shift to another empty container. The game was small but got tried by numbers of employees. The audience’s screaming of joy was boosting the enthusiasm of participants.

And this was followed by the game “Blow the Cups with balloon”, as the name says, the game was to blow air in a balloon and use that air to make the cups fall off the table. Many played and got announced winner, fueling the bliss of the team.

We barely got some minutes for lunch because of course nobody wants to miss the euphoria of joy.
Post lunch, we resumed the games multiple at a time like ‘Show The Creativity’, ‘Help Me Team’, ‘Balloon Tower’, ‘Hula Hoop’ were there to name a few.
By showing their creativity, teams were asked to craft a building with the help of straws and tape.
In the game “Help Me Team”, the team proofed their teamwork by guiding one of their blindfolded teammate in fixing the image half on wall and half in his hand.
Then in “Balloon Tower”, teams built the towers using only balloons and tape. The structures were not supposed to take support of anything, except the floor. The tallest tower assembled in 10 minutes won, as we get in the images.

In fact, Holi celebration was just a chance to make everybody’s weekend happening because we believe that if we spend the majority of time in office, so why not have that office be a place that reflects what makes us happy.

Now comes the most interesting game for a tech savvy. So we organized ‘Technical Dumb Charades’. Yes, you read it right, its Technical Dumb Charades. It was really a facetious game put in the perfect way. We designed some logos and other tech shapes on a whiteboard and the participants were asked to recognize and sing a song based on that shape.
It took us around 5 hours to be done with all the activities.
Now it was the time of color, gujhiya, thandai, dance moves along with selfies and groupies! Dhol & Tashe wale started drumming around 4:30 hours, as planned. The outdoor premises came up with a perfect blend of dry holi colors and Dhol beats. There were plates decorated full of various colors.

We couldn’t stop ourselves pouncing on the colors and dancing on beats. And as we entered to the venue, we armed ourselves with colors and smeared each other’s faces pink, green and red. The venue got converted into Canvas of colors within moments. After each stop of fun, we were offered sweets to incerease the festivity.

At 6 pm around, we wrapped up the celebration with amazing and memorable photographs because they capture a moment that is impossible to reproduce.

For More slides, please visit: http://bit.ly/2oHO7B9

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