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    Get controller url in email template file magento2

    Here, we are discussing how to get a controller url in mail template file according to store.

    For example: If you want to add a link of custom controller or store wise login url, then you can follow given method.

    Here, we write the code to send email to a customer in which we add a customer login url according to store.

    first create a method in which you call email template file method to send mail :


    $customerId, is a customer id.

    $customerModel, is a customer model, holds the data of the customer which have id $customerId.

    $customerStoreId, is a store id of a customer.

    $emailtempvariables is an array holds the values which you want to pass in your email template file.

    sendMail is a function in which you write the code to send an email.

    You can check our blog “create custom mail template in magento2
    Now, create your template file with the code:


    rest_url, is variable in which we get the url according to the store, and it return customer login url according to store.

    . . .


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