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    Facebook Application Development :Part 1

    Updated 19 May 2017

    Facebook Application Development: Facebook is now the new face of web world and facebook applications are making the user engaged and interact with various developers and companies. Their countless use of facebook application other than this, so why not learn Facebook Application Development.Lets Start with a step by step Facebook Tutorial.

    How to setup facebook application :

    Before setting the application you should full the following requirement:

    • Webspace where you can host your facebook application
    • A publicly accessible url to access the webspace

    Step 1:Login to your facebook account and go to url and allow the access.

    Step 2:Click on Set-Up-New-Application

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    Step 3:There the page will ask you for the facebook application name & facebook policy,agree the policy and set a name for your facebook application as shown.


    Step 4:(optional)Now choose an icon and logo from your computer and write a brief description for your facebook application. set-up-step-3


    Step 5: After doing so click on canvas tab in the left side on Edit [your application name] page and write down the unique Canvas Page Url then put the publicly accessible url of your webspace in Canvas Callback Url. And click on FBML in rendor method.


    Remember:Don’t forget to click on FBML in rendor method. Try Now..

    Upcoming Part Contains: How to print Hello World in facebook application canvas with proper installation of facebook client library.

    Have a look on our Facebook Application Demo :

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