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Request A Permission For Facebook App Review

Updated 4 July 2019

There is a change in the flow of Facebook to fetch all data from an APP for all Facebook-related extensions. For that purpose firstly you need to submit APP for Review at the Facebook end.

To understand the process of creating “Facebook Access Token”, click here

Given below is the step by step process of how to review app by Facebook:

In App Review Section, Go to “Permissions and Features” to request for the permissions of various features that support Facebook extensions. Given below are the features on which you have to request permission:

  • user_post
  • user_photos
  • user_videos
  • Group API


After clicking on a respective feature for request, then click on “Continue The Request” to proceed further.

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Once you click on “Continue the Request”, you will be redirected to the “Requested Permissions And Features” page. Click on the required features to proceed further.


Each time when you request for “user_posts”, “user_photos”, “user_videos” & “Group API”, a new popup will get open, here you need to agree to the “Facebook’s permission and feature usage guidelines”. After that write a description, step by step description and upload a video that covers the functionality of how your app uses the requested permission and features. Also, set the status of “Web” to ON and then click on “Save” to submit.

Request For user_photos:


Example Of Step to Step description of how your app will use the requested permission or features:

1.Login to the site:

2.By using credentials: Username:

3. Go to the module manager. Search the Facebook wall. Click on Module and set the general configuration.

4. Now configure the settings of the module and set position to display the module at the front end and set the status to published. set Module assignment to “On All Pages”.

5. In “Access Token” Tab enter the “App ID” and “App Secret”.And click “Get Access Token” to fetch the access token from the Facebook end.
Note: To get “App ID” you need to create an app at facebook end and enter your Joomla site details to fetch the API.

6. Now in “Display Settings” set “Show Media Image” and “Show Video” and “Status Post” to yes.

7. Once you have done all settings click on the “Save” button. Now click on “Facebook Wall” on the right side to go to the storefront.
At Storefront You will view the Facebook Feeds to your Joomla site.

Video about the description of how your app will use the requested permission or features:

When you have filled all the details for various requests you will be able to see the list of the features you have requested as given in below snapshot:


After submitting an app for review a popup will get opened regarding accepting terms. After agreeing to the terms you can submit it finally as given in below snapshot:



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