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How to Export Products to eBay Store?

Updated 17 May 2024

In this export products to ebay blog, we learn how to export products to eBay store from the WooCommerce store.

eBay Inc. is an American multinational eCommerce Company, that facilitates online consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer sales.

Firstly, you must have the WooCommerce eBay Connector plugin installed in your WooCommerce Store.

Export Products to eBay

With the WooCommerce eBay Connector plugin, you can integrate the WooCommerce web Store with your eBay store.

Now, the admin will open the admin panel of the WooCommerce store, navigate to module setting.

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After that, choose the connected ebay store and click on manage account.

Woocommerce ebay connector

After clicking on the Manage account, now the admin will move to the Export Products section.

Woocommerce ebay connector export product.

Then, the admin will select a product and in the dropdown menu click on export product to eBay.

export product to eBay.

After clicking on Export product to eBay.

If a notification appears – The product category is not mapped with the eBay category.

Then follow the below instructions.

Step 1: Mapping the category.

Now, the admin will click on the map category section and, here the admin will map the WooCommerce category to the eBay category.

mapping category

Then, the admin will click on Map eBay Primary Categories. The mapping section will appear.

mapping category

Now, the admin will select the WooCommerce store category and the leaf node(Subcategory).

mapping category

Next, the admin will map the selected WooCommerce store category to the eBay category.

mapping category

Then, click on the Map Button.

The message will appear on the store page -“Mapping is successful”.

You can check the new mapped category in the Map Categories section.

Step 2 – Editing the product

Now, the admin will edit the product.

In the Export Product Section, the admin will choose the product and click on the edit option.

In the product categories section, the admin will select the category for the product.

mapping category

After selecting the category the admin will update the product and try to export the product.

mapping category

Now, the admin solve the issue.

Firstly, the store admin will set the quantity of product.

mapping category

Then, sets the condition ID and write the product description.

mapping category

Next,the admin will add the product image.

mapping category

Now, admin will update the product and try again to export the product on the eBay.

To resolve the listing issue. The admin will navigate to the product edit page.

In the product data section, click on the Attributres.

exporting product to ebay

Then, the admin will add attributes and values to the product.

exporting product to ebay

Note: All the required product attributes in the attributes section should be added to export the product to eBay.

exporting product to ebay

Finally, the admin will update the product and now the admin will try to export the product to eBay.

The product is exported successfully.

exporting product to ebay

The store admin can also check their product on eBay.

ebay page


So, that is all about How to Export Products to eBay Store. If you have any queries regarding the plugin, contact us at Webkul Support System.

Current Product Version - 2.5.2

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