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    Thinking of expanding your eCommerce Business?

    Updated 9 December 2019

    Enlarging eCommerce business leads to the best ROI, increase brand name visibility and much more but apart from that it comes with a set of cons as well.

    Having said that, Merchants shouldn’t keep themselves away from expanding just by the thoughts of challenges they’ll need to face. Simply get on the ground, get your feet wet and your hands dirty, achieve the goal!

    What is the need to have multiple stores?

    Having multiple stores let you spread wings thus giving you access to a broader audience. If you are doing great with your first store & you think it is now almost semi-independent then you should definitely think about building another one in a different geographical area.

    This notion will let you play around with features like:
    • Setting up a store in a different geographical area where you think your business has the possibility to grow.
    • Changing the language of your store as per the location to give it a personalized touch for native people.
    • Putting up currency according to the space you are selling in.
    • Moreover, giving your store a new & fresh design.

    eCommerce: Real-Time Scenario

    You must have heard about the eCommerce brand ‘Zara’. Zara products are available in almost all countries, similarly, they have their online stores in multiple locations with different store outlook, different locations & different currencies. This gives the customers a personalized way to connect with them & an encouragement to buy more.

    Check out these two different Zara stores, for example, France- & US


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    Pain points you might face

    • By expanding your eCommerce business, as you’re putting yourself out in front of a new, large audience but don’t curtain the fact that with a new audience, you’ll have new & large competitors as well which must be well established in that particular zone. So, you need to be strategical & well-researched about the region you’re going to be up for selling.
    • Lack of research can really affect your growth, learn about the zone you’re going to deal with. Know about your competitors in advance, learn about the audience and then prioritize your products & collections as per the requirement.
    • Think about what difference you’re making. What unique you are selling or what advantage you’re giving to your audience. Since you are putting your product/service up against multiple well-established merchants selling the same product/service, you have to be ahead of the crowd.
    • Your first store might be reaching its heights but starting another one is just like starting a-fresh from scratch. So, don’t be in an illusion to succeed in a short span of time because you have the experience. Remember, it just takes a single click of the back button to lose a sale so you’ll need to work as hard as you did for the first one.
    • Now, because you need to provide the maximum of your efforts in your new store so make sure that your first store is well established & semi-independent which can work with lesser guidance.
    • Make sure to be aware of the taxes & laws in the new geographical location you’re starting with. You need to pay attention to every dimension.
    • After setting up, you’ll only need to pay attention to your multiple store management. Don’t take this for granted because managing different stores is one hell of a task. From order to inventory management and product update require most of your time.

    How to make multi-store management a painless task?

    Considering all the facts given above, we are up with an app for Shopify namely, A to Z Multistore Sync which will let you manage up to five Shopify stores at once with ease. This app provides a seamless way to integrate all your Shopify stores together. Merchant can sync products, orders & inventories from one single store. Thus reducing manhood and increasing efficiency so that you can easily focus on other required areas.

    Key Benefits


    A hassle-free way of integrating all your Shopify stores together.


    Make product/variant changes in primary store and make them reflect in all the other integrated Shopify stores


    Auto-update inventories of different Shopify stores on every order fulfillment.


    Provide the latest currency exchange rates within the app and a lot more!

    Highlighting some more features
    • Lets you integrate all your Shopify stores together.
    • Make changes in Primary store and make them reflect in all other integrated Shopify stores.
    • Manage products/variants of different Shopify stores in lesser time by mapping them with each other.
    • You can map more than one product in a single mapping session.
    • Auto-update inventories of different Shopify stores on every order fulfillment.
    • You can also provide the latest currency exchange rates in the configuration section.
    • All together this makes managing your different stores less time consuming and less hectic.

    Get the app:

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    Moreover, you can drop your query at [email protected] or raise a ticket at Webkul UV Desk.

    Until next time. 👋

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