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    Etsy Odoo Bridge


    Etsy is a platform where a person can sell their handmade/self-manufactured products directly who made them. Moreover, it is an innovative idea which allows the seller to share their creative handmade products with lot of customers. Sometimes seller faces the problem in managing all necessary operations on both the platforms(Etsy and Odoo).

    Webkul offers an easy connector module Etsy Odoo Connector/ Etsy Odoo Bridge so that all necessary operations can be managed from Etsy to Odoo and vice versa. Moreover, this connector allows you to manage products, categories, orders, and partners smoothly on both ends by providing effortless import /export functionality. In addition, it manages the mapping of records to avoid duplicacy and also reduces the efforts of managing products, categories, and orders Odoo.


    • It synchronizes data from Odoo and Etsy and vice versa.
    • It synchronizes products, categories, customers, and from Etsy.
    • This connector manages feeds of products, orders, and categories.
    • It gives the facility of mapping products, orders, and categories.
    • It manages the Mapping for products, orders, shipping template, and taxonomy.
    • It allows you to import/update of products, orders, shipping template, and taxonomy.
    • Some digital products can be sold on this platform.

    Workflow of the Module

    Initially starting with the workflow of the module.

    After filling all the credentials correctly press “Test connection” button to establish your connection. Make sure that your that your credentials should be correct.

    A new menu “Operations” will appear after the successful establishment of the connection. This menu includes all import operations.

    Import Operations 

    Now let’s see the functionality of all import operations step by step.

    Import Shipping Templates

    The first step is to import Shipping templates. For this click on the very first button i.e “Import Shipping Template(s)”. When you will click on this option all your Shipping template(s) will import from Etsy to Odoo.

    Click on “Shipping Mappings” submenu under “Mappings” menu to view shipping mappings.

    Import Taxonomy

    Coming to the second step i.e Import Taxonomy. For this click on “Import Taxonomy” button. This will import all your taxonomy from Etsy to Odoo.

    A pop up arises showing the information that taxonomy feed has been imported or updated.

    Import Listings/Products

    Proceeding on further to the next step i.e Import Listing.


    Let’s take an example.

    For Instance- We have a product named “Demo Product September” on Etsy. Now we have to import it to Odoo.

    For importing this product to Odoo just click on “Import  Listing” button. This will easily import your product “Demo Product September” from Etsy to Odoo.

    As soon as you will click on the “Import Products” button, a pop up will arise showing that product has been imported.

    Now at Odoo end under “Products” submenu, you will be able to view your imported product “Demo Product September” .

    Import Orders

    The last or fourth step is to Import Orders. Now it is very easy to import your orders from Etsy to Odoo. Seller has a very easy solution to import their orders from Etsy. Just in one click, a seller can import his/her orders from Etsy to Odoo.

    An order has been created on Etsy(refer to the below screenshot).


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    Just click on “Import Orders”  button which will help you to easily import your order from Etsy to Odoo.

    On clicking “Import Orders” button, a window will arise asking you for “From Date” and “To Date”. Mention the date because according to this date orders will import/updates will be done from the provided date to current date. After this just click on “Import Now”.

    A pop up will arise showing that a new order has been created.

    You can view your imported order under “Quotations” submenu.

    Order state Configuration

    In order to map Odoo Order state configuration like Quotation, Draft, Complete with Etsy Order state like was_paid, was_shipped, shipped_paid. For this, you need to configure Odoo Sales Order to Etsy Sales Order.

    For Instance- Those orders whose state is “was_paid” on Etsy end will be mapped and synced as “Sales Order” at Odoo end.

    Export operations.

    Now coming to the second most important part of this Connector i.e Export Operations.

    There are two conditions in exporting of Products.

    Condition 1– Export of the single product from Odoo to Etsy.

    Condition 2– Export of multiple products at once.

    Real-Time Synchronization.

    In this connector, you have the option to synchronize your stock from Etsy to Odoo.

    For instance– We have the product named “Demo Product September”. The initial stock of this product is 100 units on both the platforms i.e Etsy and Odoo. Now if you will update product’s quantity on hand from 100 to 110 at Odoo end then the same quantity will reflect on Etsy. This is called Real-Time Synchronization.

    Initial quantity in hand on Etsy and Odoo(refer the screenshots below)

    Updated Quantity on Hand

    Below screenshots shows the updated stock on hand of “Demo Product September” on Etsy and Odoo.


    This was all about Etsy Odoo connector. This connector is user-friendly and it allows you to synchronize the data bidirectionally.

    I hope you have gained some knowledge from this informational blog. An advice for you all, try this connector once, this will surely help you in managing all your inventory, products, categories and orders bidirectionally. Keep in touch with us for more interesting blogs. Please do not forget to share your feedback on the comment box mentioned below.

    For questioning purpose, just raise a ticket in case of any inquiry or you can just drop us an email at


    Current Product Version - 1.0.0

    Supported Framework Version - Odoo V9. V10, V11

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