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    Engross Your Customer Via Web Push Notification

    Updated 7 July 2021

    Web Push Notification is a type of alert or message addressed as a notification on the subscriber’s browsers. These notifications are clickable which can be re-directed to the site. In today’s date even the most popular social media like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn support Push Notification to increase involvement of their audience.
    So, basically it is a small popup button which can be displayed at any corner of the site. It has the option whether or not the visitors are ready to subscribe themselves to the site notifications. With the opt-in option, users subscribe themselves for Push Notification. Since, the concept allows site owner to sent messages on browsers. Hence the subscribers do not have to be present on the main site to receive them. It works well for both desktop and mobile websites.

    Advantages of using Web Push Notification

    • Push Notification is acting as a crucial element for omnichannel user engagement. It can be used to personalise the kind of message/notification sent to subscribers based on individual behaviour.
    • The Web Push Notifications can be accessed through all kind of digital medium like mobile, laptops, desktops etc. This is one step ahead than mobile app based Push Notification which can only be accessed through the specific app of mobile.
    • Site owners do not need to have unlimited texting plans to notify their users regarding any updates. It reduces the charging rate of each text message sent.
    • Push Notification is a close association of unlimited free services. With Webkul Web Push Notification you get complete service with no monthly subscription plans. It is built native on platform.
    • It is an assured way to push notification without getting spammed or undelivered.
    • The functionality of opt-in/opt-out provides complete manage and control over users visiting the site. Based on it, site owner can run their campaigns.
    • Works on the concept of re-engagement of users after leaving the site. The owner of the site does not require visitor’s email or any contact details.
    • Prompt your users in returning back to site increases user retention.

    Web Push Notifications can be used for various purposes. Keeping the above benefits in mind the marketers can utilise and work as per their goals of marketing to engross customers via Web Push Notification. Being a cost effective solution, it can be considered by any size of industry.

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