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Ebay-Prestashop Connector (Bridge) Part 1

Updated 3 August 2015

Ebay Prestashop Connector

It is a bridge between your Ebay and Prestashop store.This module provides easy to use, high end performance solution to your needs.This connector provides better control of the synchronization process and even provide the option for manual mapping.


Ebay-Prestashop Connector(Bridge)

Ebay-Prestashop Connector(Bridge)

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This connector lets you:

1:Synch your ebay fixed price items and categories to PS

2:Synch your products buyers to PS.

3:Synch your ebay orders to PS.

4:Synch your ebay shipping methods to PS.

5:Synch your payment methods to prestashop.

This module is really useful for all the vendors that sell on ebay and prestashop.



 1  Login to admin  section and go to modules tab.Click on Add New Module button and              select zip file of your Ebay Prestashop Connector module.(screenshot1).



2 Now all new tabs are created for  you.Go to Configuration tab under ebay tab(screenshot2).



3:Provide your ebay developer account details(screenshot3) and click on green color                   Save button at the top right.

Global Site: Select the country where your products are uploaded.for ex if your products are     uploaded on then select ebay United States



4 Synchronize all ebay shipping methods by clicking on Synch Ebay Shipping Method button at the bottom(screenshot3).

5 Go to Payment Tab under ebay Tab(screenshot4). Click on Map Payment  button at the top right.Now  map your ebay payment method  with prestashop payment method and click save(screenshot5).

screenshot 4

6 Go to Shipping Tab and click on Map Shipping button at the top right(screenshot 6).Map your ebay shipping methods with prestashop shipping methods. and click save(screenshot 7).

screenshot 6


screenshot 7





Click on Map Products tab under ebay tab.

:Synch from Ebay will synchronize all your ebay products to prestashop.

: button will synchronize only those products created after the last time   you use  synch.

If you want to map your ebay products with prestashop products manually then click on             Manual Map button(screenshot 8).Provide your PS Product Id and Ebay Product Id and     click save(screenshot 9).If your ebay product or prestashop product is already mapped then   it will not  map again. You  first need to delete that mapping.

screenshot 8


screenshot 9



Click on Map Category tab under ebay tab.

:Click Map Category button at the top right(screenshot 10).

:Now select your Prestashop Category and Ebay Category and click save(screenshot 11).If prestashop  category or  ebay category is already mapped it will not map again.You first  need to delete that  mapping.

screenshot 10





Click on Map Customer tab under ebay tab .

:Click on Synch Customer button and it will synchronize all the buyers of your products from   ebay to Prestashop(screenshot 12).

screenshot 12



Click on Map Orders tab under ebay tab.By clicking on Synch Orders button you can synchronize all your orders from ebay to prestashop(screenshot 13).

screenshot 12


This module have more features,

Admin can synchronize the prestashop products to the ebay site also.

For more details click here Ebay-Prestashop Connector Part 2


Webkul is known for its awesome support , for any type of support just raise a ticket at or drop a mail at [email protected]

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