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How to start a dropshipping business with Adobe Commerce

Updated 14 February 2024

Dropshipping has been considered as the major business methodology by which people choose to initiate their startups. Dropshipping is one of the most secure and robust models which holds a lot of insurance in it.

During the course of the Covid 19 pandemic, the dropshipping model proved a major helper for businessmen all over the world. Global e-commerce jumps to $26.7 trillion, COVID-19 boosts online sales.

Image Source: UNCTAD, based on national sources.

It’s never easy to have manufacturing included in your startup model and it’s also not wise too in terms of:

  • Financial risk
  • Inventory liability
  • Maintenance required for the inventory

Dropshipping model allows you to cut down these risks and motivates you to startup as a drop shipper. Adobe Commerce platform has been one of the best choices to set up a Dropshipping store/website for people all around the globe.

Let’s understand Dropshipping and Adobe Commerce benefits in detail.

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What is Dropshipping?

Let’s keep it simple for you so this article should just not proves to be a reading blog. It should click in your mind to start as a drop shipper.

If you sell products but don’t manufacture them. Even if you sell products but you don’t have any warehouse then also it will be a dropshipping.

It’s not always necessary to have risk and financial dependencies to start an online eCommerce business. You can start a dropshipping business with nothing but just an eCommerce website.

You don’t need to plan products, warehouses, even packaging, and shipping also in some dropshipping models.

Due to these fewer dependencies, dropshipping websites can be even started by not hiring a single employee. You can just start on your own and manage it on your own.

You can even take a dropship website development service. It will simplify the process to have a website dropship website developed on Adobe Commerce.

Also, You can use Magento 2 Dropshipping Extension which will help you merchants add and assign multiple warehouses to their products, create data profiles, manage pricing and shipping rules, map categories with warehouses, etc.

Models of Dropshipping

You must learn there is no fixed model for dropshipping. As every business has its own natural flow so the use of dropship will change from person to person.

On a very general level, dropshipping can be of three models:

Model 1: Dropshipping

When you don’t want to brand. You just want to sell products and get your part of the money.

This is one of the simplest models. In this, you just have a website, and you list the products of others with increased prices. This price difference logic is the same as the margin of price between a wholesaler and a retailer.

Customer Orders on your website > You get the money > You order to Supplier > Supplier ships to Customer

Why you should choose this model:

  • Advance Cash Flow: You get your money first. After your part of the money is secured you can place the order to the supplier with it.
  • No brand insecurity: As you are not doing your own brand, therefore, you don’t hold any risk of brand insecurity. The brand owner is the one who has to care about the brand security as you are selling his brand.
  • No warehouse: You don’t need to have a warehouse as this model saves you from hold and maintenance.
  • No Shipping Management: You don’t need to worry about the shipping to the customer as the supplier will take care of it.

Model 2: Dropshipping

When you do branding. When you have your own packaging and branding on the delivered products.

This model is considered best when you want to start a brand. In this, you have a website and you do promotions of your website as a brand.

You need to have manufacturers who will produce your products on demand. Delivery time is higher in this model.

Customer Order > Order to Supplier > Supplier Delivery to You >Branding and Packaging > Delivery to Customer by 3PL
Source: Free MockUP

Why you should choose this model:

  • Advance Cash Flow: Just like model 1, here also the money transaction in advance.
  • Branding: When you want to have your own brand.
  • Reliable Delivery: As you will do the delivery to the customer by your 3PL account so control on delivery is higher.
  • No Warehouse: In this model also you don’t need to have a warehouse as you will have on-demand manufacturers and suppliers.
  • Promotions: As it will be your branding, therefore, you will be able to do promotions. The coupons and deals will cope up with the extra delivery time of this model.

Model 3: Dropshipping

This model is an advanced version of the above two models. This can be termed as an extension to any of the above two models.

When you grow in business you choose security to be an important integral of your business. Security in dropshipping is majorly required for inventory. If you are confident on inventory then for sure you can be safe from delivery failures.

This model is chosen when you know the trend of your website traffic. You must be well familiar with the products which you are selling.

Estimation of product demand traffic. Estimation of demand traffic duration is the key requirement to it.

For example, if you know that Brand XYZ Denim Jacket is highly in demand in winters then you can secure the inventory of these products before. You order this product a lot from the supplier.

Advcance Order to Supplier > Secured Inventory > Customer Order > Delivery to Customer from your end

Why you should choose this model:

  • Inventory Security: No risk of delivery failures.
  • Reliable Delivery: As you will do the delivery to the customer by your 3PL account so control on delivery is higher.
  • Customer Trust: High trust scores due to secured inventories.

Why Adobe Commerce

Adobe Commerce is the best choice when you talk about online selling. It has a very large community that is there for your growth and networking.

According to the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant report, Adobe Commerce is Leader in Digital Commerce for three years in a row.

Image Source: Gartner

Due to this large community and contributors, you don’t need to worry about the setup, development, and enhancements.

You have many pre-built solutions for Adobe Commerce to build your dropshipping website. So there is nothing now that should stop you from starting your dropshipping website.

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