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    Delete multiple records without apex code in Salesforce

    In this post, I am going to share the information how to Delete multiple records without apex code in Salesforce

    While working with Salesforce we can only delete one record at a time using this screen. It is not possible to delete multiple records at once.
    To overcome this limitation in the standard salesforce view screen, we have many ways to delete multiple records.

    Mass Delete Records

    1. Setup –> Data Management –> Mass Delete Records

    Mass Delete Records

    2. To delete records that belong to the Standard Object Like: Accounts, Leads, Contacts, Cases, Solutions, Activities and Products

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    3. Pick the record type you wish to mass delete. Then examine the data you’re looking to delete; remember that this is generally undo-able, so pick wisely.

    4. Specify conditions/filters for the times selected.

    5. You may check the options to delete the appropriate records: archived records, accounts with other attached accounts.. etc

    6. Choose “Search” to find the matches based on the conditions

    7. Select the boxed next to the record you want to delete; alternatively, you can click on the header to select all.

    8. If needed, you may select the “Permanently Delete” records.

    9. Click “Delete”.
    Mass Delete Records

    Developer Console

    1. We can used the developer console to delete multiple records.

    2. Go to Developer Console as shown below

    Mass Delete Records

    3. Click on Debug and go to Open Execute Anonymous Window

    Mass Delete Records

    4. Enter the code in the Anonymous Window

        * Webkul Software.
        * @category  Webkul
        * @author    Webkul
        * @copyright Copyright (c) 2010-2016 Webkul Software Private Limited (
        * @license
    list<custom_object__c> obj= new list<custom_object__c>();
    obj=[select id  ,field_1__c,field_2__c from custom_object__c ];
    delete obj;


    1. Deleting the records that belong to a Custom Object then you can make use of the Truncate button

    2. Enabled Truncate :- Setup –> Customize –> User Interface –> Enable Custom Object Truncate.

    Mass Delete Records

    3. Setup –> Create –> Objects –> Click on the name of the Object


    4. Click on Truncate.

    Mass Delete Records

    5. Enter the name of the object to TRUNCATE and click TRUNCATE button.

    Mass Delete Records


    That’s all for Delete multiple records without apex code in Salesforce, still have any issue feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the product better

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