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    Customer Pricelist Odoo Bridge For Magento

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    Customer Pricelists Odoo Bridge for Magento is a useful extension, which gives the feature of synchronization of customer group pricelists. It manages discounts and quantity of products from Magento end to Odoo end. It allows admin to specify different group prices for different customer groups.

    Customer Pricelist Odoo bridge for Magento extension functionality allows store owners to setup different prices for every customer groups.


    • Supports Catalog Prices for Simple and configurable
    • Manages customer pricelists at both the ends.
    • Pricelists will synchronize from Magento to Odoo.
    • You can select different customer groups for different prices.
    • Pricelists will synchronize from Magento to Odoo.
    • Supports Tier Prices.
    • Supports Group Prices from Magento to Odoo.
    • Compatible with “Prices per Customer”
    • Export/Import Group special Prices.
    • Supports configurable Products.
    • Supports Special Prices
    • You can hide product price from not logged on customers.
    • The extension works with an unlimited number of products, customers and customer groups.


    Once the installation is done, let’s see how to configure the module.

    Starting with the configuration at Magento end. You need to select the specific price list for the customers. For this, firstly you need to set the pricelists for customers at Magento end.

    Follow the path Catalog>Manage Products>Add the product> Prices, therefore, add the product first and then set prices and price lists for the particular product. Fill all the relevant details to set customer price lists.

    Proceeding further towards another step i.e to synchronize your products from Magento end to Odoo end. Follow the path Odoo Mapping > Customer Group.

    Furthermore, a button “Synchronise Customer Group at Odoo” will appear on the store view. Hit this button to synchronize all the customer Pricelists from Magento to Odoo.

    If a customer wants to sync the price of the particular product.Firstly sync your product to Odoo  just by clicking “Synchronise To Odoo”. At Magento end, select the product and follow this path Product>Sync Tier & Group Prices at Odoo.

    Synchronisation of Prices from Odoo to Magento

    In addition, Synchronisation of prices are done from Odoo. There are two cases in this synchronization.

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    First Case:

    When minimum quantity is specified in the pricelist, then prices will synchronize in Tier Prices.

    Second Case:

    When minimum quantity is not specified in a price list, then prices will synchronize in Group Prices. Simply, click on“Pricelists Special Price” to create price lists at Odoo.


    As soon as you will click on“Synchronize Tier/Group Prices “, a pop up will arise showing that prices have been successfully synced.


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    If you have any issues/queries regarding the module please raise a ticket at

    For any doubt contact us at

    Thanks for reading!!


    Current Product Version - 1.0

    Supported Framework Version - 1.4x.x, 1.5x.x, 1.6x.x, 1.7x.x, 1.8x.x, 1.9x.x, V10, V11

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