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CS-CART Addon Vendor FAQ

Updated 20 October 2023

Cs-Cart Addon Vendor FAQ is a useful add-on for administrators and vendors. And administrators can manage faqs groups/faqs for vendors to their questions.

With the help of this add-on, the admin can create FAQs for the vendors. Here the vendors can filter their queries. Only if added to the FAQs by the admin or can also contact the admin as well.

Check the video mentioned below for an overview of the extension:


Feature List for CS-CART Addon Vendor FAQ

  • Well integrated with Multivendor and CS-Cart.
  • The Admin can manage FAQs groups and these actions can do admin ( Add, Update, Delete ).
  • The Admin can manage FAQs Question and answers ( Delete, Update, Add ) and assign FAQs for the groups.
  • The Admin can assign specific FAQs question for vendors.
  • Vendors can view FAQs by logging in to their vendor accounts.
  • Vendors can do these actions ( Search FAQs by name, Contact With Admin ).
  • Multi-language supported.
  • The Admin can check all the changes made in the groups and FAQs in the admin panel.
  • Vendors can check all the FAQs and related articles to the searched term in their panel.
  • Admin will have the rich text editor as well with additional features to customize the article.
  • Admin can also add the images, videos and links to the FAQ articles.

CS-Cart Vendor FAQs Installation Process

After Downloading the CS-Cart vendor FAQs, You’ll Get One Zip File, Pdf, And Install Text. Read The Pdf Carefully And Configure It Accordingly. Firstly Go To the Manage Add-Ons Page. Browse And Select The Zip File, Upload And Install.


Firstly click on the icon and select Manual installation to upload the zip file as per the below screenshot.

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Now, Click on “Local” to browse the zip file and then click on “Upload & Install”.

Add-On Zip

After installation of the add-on, you will find the “Vendor FAQ” in the list of the available add-on. Make sure, the add-on is activated as shown in the below snapshot.


Once the add-on is installed it gets automatically listed.


Go to Add-Ons and click on the add-ons that the admin has installed.

And then the admin will be prompted with a page for the configuration as shown below.

Cs-Cart Add-On Configuration

Click on Settings and the admin can see all the configurations for this module.


Here, Certain information will be required like in General: Enter Title, Filter FAQs. View: Enter Title, Enter Description. Footer: Enter Footer Titles, Enter Footer description.


Enter Title: Here the admin can define the title of the FAQs Section where the vendors will be able to check all the FAQs. 

Filter FAQs: Here the admin can define the conditions for filtering the FAQs for the vendors based on the keywords the vendors are using. There are three conditions namely Contains, Begins with, and Ends with.

For example: If the vendor searches the query with the words sale then the admin can decide how it should search for the required queries. Admin can set Contains then it will list all the articles which contain the keyword Sale.

If the admin sets Begin with then all the articles will be listed which beings with the word Sale.

If the admin sets Ends with then all the articles that end with the word Sale will be listed.


Enter Title: Here the admin can provide another section to the vendors to filter the FAQs based on the group and name the title accordingly. 

Enter Description: Here the admin can provide certain descriptions accordingly for vendors to get the idea for this section.


Enter Footer Title: Here, the admin can add an additional section in case the vendors are not able to find their queries through the FAQ and can allow the vendors to contact the admin. 

Enter Footer Description: Here the admin provides certain descriptions accordingly for the vendors to get the idea for this section.

Once the above-required details will be visible they will be shown in the place marked in the below-attached screenshot.

Vendor End View

Create the FAQs group in Cs-cart Addon Vendor FAQ

Here, Admin will have to click on the Marketing>Manage Vendor FAQs

It will open the FAQs group section and the admin can create it. And can also manage all the groups based on the categories of the FAQs.

Admin Vendor FAQs-Groups

While creating a group will require a group name and description. This can be used to define the group’s main focus for the FAQs. 

Once the group is created the admin can create and manage all the FAQs as shown in the below-attached screenshot. 

CS Cart Vendor FAQ

Here, Admin can create the FAQs, edit, enable, disable or delete the same as per their choice. And admin can also decide for which sellers it should be visible.

When creating the FAQs admin can also customize the articles through the rich text editor as shown in the below attached screenshots. Admin can add the images, videos, links as well in the articles.


If Admin wants then can also set it visible for all sellers as well. 

Once, the group is created and the FAQs are created they will be visible at the vendor’s end as shown in the below-attached screenshot.


Once the vendor opens the group it will be visible like this as shown in the below-attached screenshot and here the vendor can search for the queries and open them accordingly for all the questions and the related articles as well.


When the vendor clicks on the article if found then it will be visible like this.


Admin can also view the FAQ by clicking on the section marked in the below-attached screenshot.

Admin end FAQ view

When the admin clicks on this button the admin can check the FAQ section which the vendors see.



For further any query feel free to contact us at this, you can explore our CS-Cart development services and quality CS-Cart add-ons.

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