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CS-Cart Point Of Sale (POS)

Updated 17 May 2024

CS-Cart Point Of Sale (POS) gives the liberty to manage sales on an online store along with the physical store simultaneously.

The assigned sales agent can create the order from his physical store using the POS and the order will be generated & synced with the CS-Cart online store.

The physical stores will have their own POS panel for customer and sales management. Admin can create multiple Sales Agents for the physical store to manage POS.

The add-on is very useful for increasing the overall revenue by having online stores along with the physical layouts.

A point of sale (POS) basically serves as the central point for customer data, sales reporting, and can even manage labor and inventory.

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Running an online business on any eCommerce platform as well as on the physical store with the common inventory is high-stress and inefficient.

Point of sale system connects every part of a business, to simply and efficiently improve the process.

Businesses are increasingly adopting POS systems. Selling prices of the products are linked to the product code/Barcode of an item, so the cashier merely needs to scan this code to process a sale.

Features & Benefits

  • Well integrated with both CS-Cart and CS-Cart Multi-vendor.
  • Admin can decide agent among the CS-Cart site users, who can access the POS system.
  • Admin created POS outlets are visible to vendors and they can assign their products.
  • Option to list either only POS products or store products or both on POS devices. By default, all CS-Cart products are listed in “POS Products”.
  • Feature to generate & print the barcodes of CS-Cart Products (In bulk or individually) via the admin end. So, Print the barcodes and add the barcodes to your products.
  • Configurable settings to set the desired dimensions and prefix for the Barcode.
  • Works well with a Barcode scanner and thermal printer.
  • Functionality to add products to the cart with the barcode scanner.
  • Option to add a new product/listing manually via POS system ie; The agent can add the custom product which is not in the inventory into the cart directly (A service or a product not available in the current inventory can be added instantly to the system.)
  • Works well with product options.
  • Functionality to put the cart on hold.
  • Option to add a manual discount on the order.
  • Functionality to add a new customer via POS device.
  • Orders & Inventory synchronization with the online CS-Cart store.
  • A magnificent & user-friendly POS frontend view.
  • A quick product search option for products by name/SKU.
  • Functionality to search for a registered customer by phone number or email.
  • Easy to configure and manage at the admin end.

Newly Added Features

  • Well integrated with CS-Cart Multi-Store Edition. So now you can add POS functionality to multiple stores.
  • Works well in Offline Mode. So, Now you can place orders & add new products even when you are not online. The orders & products will synchronize automatically once you are online.
  • Supports multicurrency & multi-language. The POS agent can now choose the desired currency and language. This option is available in the agent profile at the POS frontend.
  • You can now resume & continue previous sessions.
  • Works well with promotion & gift certificate features. You can now apply the coupons.
  • Added the progress bar which works on products loading after login.
  • Added the full-screen mode functionality.
  • Now the admin can load the products through ajax
  • Customers added through pos can use the store also.
  • Customers can return the product from POS and check the return order history.
  • Now the user can use the Progressive Web App for POS.
  • The color of the background, active buttons, and inactive buttons will be managed at the backend.
  • Vendor Administrator image in multivendor or administrator in multistore can now be updated.
  • Home delivery option available for the users.
  • Users can check each product’s details from the POS panel.

How To Upload And Install

  • After downloading the CS-Cart Point Of Sale (POS) add-on you’ll get the add-on zip files (For CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor editions separately), one install.txt file, and a relevant User Guide manual doc. Read it carefully for proper configuration. Go to Manage Add-ons, and click on cog button as shown below in the snapshot.

manaual installtion

Click on “Local” to browse the zip file and then click on “Upload & Install” as shown below in the snapshot.

CS-Cart ShippingEasy Connector

Add-on Configuration

After the add-on installation, we need to configure the settings. For that admin needs to click on the POS and then a new tab will open for configuration.


In the add-on configuration, There are some general configurable settings along with the settings for the barcode creation.


These setting fields include three separate tabs as explained below:

  1. Configuration
  2. Barcode Configuration
  3. PWA Configuration

Configuration settings provide

  • An option to set the default category for the newly added product via the POS panel. A service or a product if not available in the current inventory can be added instantly to the system for selling under this selected category here.
  • An option to set the Payment Method to get a proper mapping of the POS payments for the store invoice. This payment method selected here will be available for the POS orders in the invoices and order details at the backend and frontend.
  • Load product per page means how many products will load on a single page on POS.
  • Load customer on page load means how many customers will load on a single page on POS.
  • Admin can set the default password for the new customers.


Furthermore, the admin can add colors for different buttons and POS panels.

POS bottom Active Button Color – here, the admin can choose the active button colors in the POS.

POS Bottom Disabled Button Color – here, the admin can choose the disabled button colors in the POS.

The POS Background Color– The admin can also change the background color of the POS panel.

POS Text color-  The admin can also choose the text color of the POS panel.


Barcode Configuration provides various configurable options to generate the product barcodes which includes

  • Barcode Source
  • Type
  • Output
  • Text
  • Height & Width (in Pixels)
  • Barcode Prefix

Also, check the specifications for the POS panel.


Save the settings!

PWA Configuration


Application Name – Enter a name for PWA.

Application Short Name – Enter the name of PWA for the mobile panel.

Theme Color – Theme color of the PWA.

Splash Background Color – Background color of the PWA.

PWA Icon – Icon for the mobile app.

Web Push Notification –

FCM Sender id – Enter the FCM id or sender key for the manifest file.

How To Assign A POS Agent?

At the admin panel, go to Customers -> Vendor’s Administrators (Or Vendor’s Admin in case of CS-Cart Multi-Vendor)


Open the profile of desired Admin/vendor and go to the Add-ons tab as shown below.  Simply check the box to Allow admin/vendor to use POS, set the language and currency for this POS agent & Save changes.


Furthermore, the admin can assign the outlet to the POS user and upload an image for the profile. This image will display on the POS user profile panel.

This is how you can assign the POS agent. You can assign multiple agents to use POS. There is an option to filter out the POS agents only in the search field as shown below.

vendor's administration

Let’s See How to Generate a Product Barcode?

CS-Cart Point Of Sale (POS) also provides a feature to generate the product barcode. For that,

  • Go to the Products list page.
  • Select the product(s).
  • Click the gear drop-down button on the top right side.
  • Click on the Print Barcode option as shown below.

print barcode

To print the barcode of the product individually, Go to the Product detail page at the backend. Click the gear drop-down and print the barcode as shown below.


There is an option to list either only POS products or store products or both on POS devices on the add-ons section on the product detail page at the backend.


The admin can also check the product barcode here.

POS Outlet


Here the admin can check the created outlet, create a new and also edit any previous one.


When the admin clicks on the manage product option, they can add the product in that particular outlet.

cs cart pos manage outlet

Here the admin can assign all the products to the POS outlet, and also they can assign and unassign the selected product from the outlet.

POS Frontend

To get the POS frontend panel URL, just add a new SEO rule with the desired name and “wk_pos.manage” as the dispatch value as shown below.


Here is the Login panel view of POS. The allowed user can log in to the POS system.

cs cart pos login panel

A progress bar appears which works on product loading. Please check the screenshot below.


Once it’s completed customer needs to enter the opening balance amount for the POS store cash drawer.

cs cart pos opening balance

All the CS-Cart POS products (as per the product’s settings at the admin end) will be loaded at frontend. It will ask to resume the previous session or start with the new session as shown below.

cs cart pos resumee

There is the product search option where you can enter the search keywords and search results will be displayed instantly. Then you can just click on the product to add it to the cart or you can use a barcode scanner to add the product to the cart.

cs cart pos search option

This view is having various buttons and options for various functions. Let’s check the functionality of each button one by one.

Top Bar

The top bar of the page contains the

  • POS Menu Bar

Here, the POS user can do multiple actions. with an option to edit profile details, cash drawer, refresh product list, returned order list, settings, and Logout.

cs cart pos how customer list

Order History:

To view all the orders list (Online and Offline Separately). There is a view button against each order to view the individual order details as shown below.

Online Order


Offline Orders:

All the orders placed in offline mode will be listed here if they are not yet synchronized. Once you are online, all these will be synced automatically & the list here will be empty.


The printed invoice will be as shown below.

cscart pos

Returned Orders:

The customer can check the return order history in this tab and also can view the invoice for the return.


Cash Drawer:

The user can check the cash drawer status.

cs cart pos cash drawer

Refresh Product list:

The user can refresh the product list from here.

Returned Order:

Users can check the returned order separately.



The POS user can edit their details from the settings like name, email, currency, and language.

cs cart pos setting

At last, the user can log out from the POS panel.

Search Bar:

Users can search for the product from the search bar.

cs cart pos search for the product

View Hold Cart List:

cs cart pos hold note

To view all the carts on hold and resume. Simply press the checkout button to resume the cart. You can also delete the held cart.

cs cart pos hold and resume

Add Product

To add the new products via POS. A service or a product if not available in the current inventory at CS-Cart Backend but is present physically can be added instantly to the system. This will be added to the category selected in the add-on settings.

cs cart pos add product

Return Order option

Here, the user can apply for the order return they just need to enter the order id and submit it.

cs cart pos return order

When the user clicks on the return button a new page will open to choose the return reason, product details, and return type.

cs cart pos return order information

Furthermore, the user clicks on the return button, and their request is placed for the order return and they can check the details in the order tab.

  • Offline order count: If there is any offline order which is not yet synchronized.
  • Network Mode Status:  Offline or Online
  • Full-Screen Mode Button: To increase the POS panel size.

In the second top bar, there is an option to put the cart on hold and delete the cart. Also, the user can check the number of products added to the cart.

cs cart hold and delete

Let’s move to the lower button and understand the working of each one of them.

Button 1 – Add Customer

Select or add the customer.  A list of all the CS-Cart customers is available here. You can search for the customer from the available list either by contact number or email id and press the fwd button provided against the customer to add.

Note: To add a customer you need to add at least one product to the cart.

cs cart select customer

If the customer is available in the list, then you may add the one at runtime by clicking the “Add Customer” button. There will be a pop-up after you click on the button as shown below. Just enter the name, contact number, and email id to add a guest customer.

cs cart pos add customer

Button 2 – Barcode Reader

Scan the products to add them to the cart. Just scan the barcode and the product will be added to the cart.

cs cart pos search barcode

This POS System works well with product options too. So, while adding products to the cart, there’s an option to select the desired product option as shown below.

cs cart pos desired product option

Button 3 – Discount

To apply a manual discount (Either percentage or absolute discount).

cs cart pos discount

Button 4 – Apply Coupon

Just enter the valid coupon code and apply. You can also apply for a gift certificate. Please note that

  • It supports only three catalog promotions. (Product price, categories, and products)
  • In-cart promotion, only coupon code supports order discount.

cs cart pos coupon

Button 5 – Quantity changer.

Just select the cart product to change the quantity. Enter the desired product quantity to change.

cs cart pos quality changer

Button 6 – Order

The users can check the orders from here similar to the side menu tab.

Button 7 – Checkout

To proceed toward the checkout. If you have not selected the customer, it will redirect you to add customer popup otherwise it will take you to the payment page.

After proceeding with checkout, you will get 2 options for payment. Either cash or Card. In cash payment, you can enter the collected amount and the system will display the change amount as shown below. Just receive the amount, enter the customer note if any and confirm the order.


In the card payment option, just enter the payment comment, and customer note and confirm the order.


The user can also split the payment between card and cash on the checkout page.


Home Delivery

Now the POS user can choose the home delivery option from their panel and the agent can apply the cost to it.

cs cart pos home delivery

Product Details

Now the users can check the details of any individual product by clicking on the detail icon button.


Orders View & Synchronization

Orders details page at the backend-

It will display all the details including taxes and discounts as shown below.


The customer can also view these orders placed at the online store as well. As these orders will be synchronized with the customer account. cs-cart_point-of-sale

Vendor POS Outlet – Management

The admin can add the POS outlets and these outlets will be visible to the Marketplace vendors as well.

pos management - product add by vendor

The vendors can easily assign their products to the admin created POS outlets for selling their products within the same.

The vendor to assign products will tap the cog icon for the POS outlet and then click the Manage Products button.

manage products

Here, the vendor can assign all of the products, select products to assign, and unassign selected products from the outlet.

assign products pos outlet


That’s all for the add-on, still, have any issues, feel free to write here  and let us know your views to make the module better.

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Current Product Version - 3.1

Supported Framework Version - Multivendor/ultimate (4.16.x - 4.18.x)

Blog Version - Multivendor/ultimate (4.16.x - 4.18.x)
  • Version Multivendor/ultimate (4.16.x - 4.18.x)
  • Version CS-Cart & Multi-Vendor 4.14.x, 4.15.x, 4.16.x
  • Version CS-Cart & Multi-Vendor 4.14.x, 4.15.x, 4.16.x, 4.17.x
  • Version CS-Cart & Multi-Vendor 4.13.x, 4.14.x, 4.15.x
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