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    CS-Cart Multivendor Mobikul Mobile App

    Updated 18 July 2023

    CS-Cart Multivendor Mobikul Mobile App: In today’s expectancy having a Flutter native mobile app is essential for every e-commerce business. But developing an application that supports mobile is expensive and time taking.

    The CS-Cart Multivendor Mobikul Mobile App Builder solves the needs of users by providing an appealing, complete mobile application at an affordable price. This splendid application allows every size of business to flourish and expand into the mobile world.

    Check a brief overview of the mobile app for the android device –



    • Well integrated with CS-Cart Multivendor store.
    • Besides this, the functionality of multiple profile creation is available and can be availed once enabled at the admin end.
    • Display of vendor list at the front end.
    • Option to view vendor’s profile information and corresponding reviews of the vendor at the user/customer end.
    • In addition, the functionality of displaying individual vendor products collection at the front end is available.
    • The option to select a shipping method according to the vendor at the user/customer end is available.
    • Informative and interactive shopping app with a fast and intuitive response.
    • Also Supports default CS-Cart shipping methods.
    • In addition supports phone orders, cash on delivery, fax order, money order, and personal cheque as payment methods.
    • The option of the gift voucher, promotional and coupon codes have been provided.
    • Also, a Push notification feature over the devices has been provided.
    • Well configured and easy to use at the admin end.
    • Moreover, the application is compatible with GDPR.
    • The customer can search for products with voice.

    Features added in CS-Cart Multivendor Mobikul Mobile App version 2.0

    • Functionality to support multiple currencies.
    • In addition, functionality to support multiple languages.


    • Increases relationships and loyalty by reinforcing the store.
    • Benefits sell through exposures across mobile devices.
    • Moreover, Strengthen the connectivity with on-the-go customers.
    • Well-supportive in terms of accessibility, immediacy, and reachability.
    • Be noticeable and visible every time on the user’s mobile device.
    • In addition avail the benefits of the creation of a direct marketing channels.
    • Helps in improving customer involvement.
    • Besides this, it ensures ease of accessing e-commerce sites via mobile.

    CS-Cart Multivendor Mobikul Mobile App

    After downloading the CS-Cart Multivendor Mobikul Mobile App, you’ll get one zip
    file and install it. text. Read the blog carefully and configure it accordingly. Firstly Go to the manage add-ons page. Browse and select the zip file, upload, and install.


    To configure the CS-Cart Multi-Vendor mobile app, you can follow these steps:

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    Click on “Settings” to configure.

    Set the “Google API” key as shown below in the snapshot.

    Finally Go to “Mobikul” and manage it accordingly as shown below in the snapshot.
    The below snapshot gives the view for the list of banners. To add a new banner to the list click “+”.


    Set the parameters as shown below in the snapshot.

    • Firstly Enter the name of the banner.
    •  Set the banner type based on the product or category.
    • The option to set the position of the banner in case of multiple banners. (Position of the banner moves from right to left by assigning the number to the banner as 1 or 2 etc.).
    • The option of selecting of product is available when the banner type is set as “product”.
    • The option of selecting the category is available when the banner type is set as “category”.
    • Finally, Upload the image via the given options.

    The below snapshot gives the view of homepage products listing. To add a new listing to the list click “+”.


    Set the parameters as shown below in the snapshot.

    • Firstly Enter the title of the listing.
    • Select the filling from the drop-down(ie. Manual, Newest, On Sale, Popular, Rating).
    • The option to upload images and alternative text via local or URL.
    • Add products to the list
    • Also, Set the number of products to be displayed at a time.
    • Finally, Add categories

    The below snapshot gives the view for the listing of notifications. To add a new notification to the list click “+”.



    Set the parameters as shown below in the snapshot.

    • Enter the title for the notification.
    • Set the notification type based on product or category.
    • The option of selecting of product is available when the notification type is set as “product”.
    • The option of selecting the category is available when the notification type is set as “category”.
    • The option to add images via Local or URL.
    • Set the status of the notification.
    • Finally, Add the content of the notification.

    Mobilkul pages:The admin can see these pages under Mobikul tab from the menu bar.Here,we can edit/ delete existing pages and can create new pages by clicking on “+”.

    • Title- Here, the admin can set the title for the page.
    • Position- We can set a position for the page to be displayed.
    • Choose Page- The admin can select a page from the dropdown.

    After filling all the fields as per the choice, click on create button to create the page.

    Home Page View

    At the front end, the customers can see the slides, and carousels(the admin can add many carousels from the backend).

    • Category Carousel- The category carousel typically consists of a row of clickable images or icons, each representing a different category. Users can swipe through the carousel to see all the available categories and then tap on the one they are interested in to see the products or services in that category.
    • Slide Banners- These are images or graphics that are displayed on the home screen of the app to highlight specific products, promotions, or events. Recently Views-
    • On-sale Products- This category displays products that are currently on sale or being offered at a discount.
    • Popular Product– That will displays products that are currently popular or trending on the app.
    • Top Brands– The top brand section will help you to search for products by brands.

    Search View

    The customer can search for a product by specifying the keywords. Auto-suggestion is also here. The customer can also search with voice.

    Search via Image – Here, the search is done by image. The app learns about the desired product through image detection or text detection. After the machine learns it searches for the product in the app.
    Scan with Text – Here the app user can search the product by allowing the scanning of the text on an object. Currently, text detection works for the English language only.


    Product Page View To The Customers

    The customer can view a product after clicking on any product from the category. The customer can see the product image, specification, description, reviews, and price of the product and vendor details.


    If the customer clicks on the vendor name they will redirect to the vendor’s profile” page

    Customers can make checkout without login through “Checkout As Guest” and customers redirect to the checkout page

    Under the navigation drawer, the customer can access their account, can see the orders and wishlist.

    Easy Sign In and Sign Up Page: In the navigation bar, the customer can log in to their account. 

    • Shop for Categories
    • My Wishlist
    • Track Order
    • My Orders
    • My Address
    • My Dashboard
    • Notification
    • Account Information
    • Delete Account
    • My Wallet (Paid)
    • All Vendors
    • Language
    • Currencies
    • Others
    • Logout Option.

    Sign In/ Sign Up

    The customer can sign in and sign up for his accounts through the app. So, the Sign In/ Registration page can give the customer the options as-

    • Sign in with the Email address
    • Create An Account

    Please Note – Social Login is a separate paid feature. It is not included in the base mobile app as visible in the below image:

    Sign Up- Create An Account


    The customer can register for their account by filling in only the email, password, and confirming password fields and then completing the checkout process.

    Sign in

    Post-registration the customer can log in via the mail id and password that was mentioned at the time of registration.
    Here, on this screen, the customer can even select the ‘Forgot Password” option.

    After signing in customers have the option to “add a fingerprint for login” option.


    Post login our navigation drawer will contain- Here the customer can use the feature of All in One drawer. All in one drawer will provide the category view and the account view.

    Category View:

    Categories can be accessed in the left navigation drawer. After clicking on the parent category, the customer can see the list of subcategories. Where the customer can go for the product according to their choices.


    Filter and Sort By: Customers can apply the filter according to their needs on the category page. Also, there is a facility to sort the products. Products can be sort by alphabetically, pricing, popularity, and newest item.


    List and Grid View: Products can be viewed as both grid and list. The customer can change the view of the product after the grid or list button.


    My Dashboard:

    The Customer can access My Address, My Orders & My Wishlist Tabs under “My Dashboard”, or direct from the navigation tab. To access one of these, the Customer has to click on the respective choice.


    My Orders

    Customer can view their orders under the “My Order” tab. The customer can view all the orders created for the store. A single order can also be viewed by the customer.


    The customer can click on Start Communication, to conversate on orders.


    My Wishlist

    The customer can make their wishlist for the product. A Wishlist button will appear on all products. The customer can see their wishlist product under the “My Wishlist” section. The customer can remove the wishlist product from there.


    Track Order

    The customer can track their orders under in “track order” section in the navigation tab, Customers need to enter their order email id or order number and submit.



    The notification tab can be seen in the navigation drawer, customer can set notifications for selected products by him/her related to any offer, Price reduction on products available in-store.


    My Account

    My account link can be seen in the navigation drawer. Under my account, the customer can see their account information like billing address, shipping address, and mailing list. The customer can also see their profiles. A user can have multiple profiles like an official profile and a home profile.


    My Wallet (paid)

    In this Customer can access his/her e-wallet on the mobile application, in this, he can either see the present wallet amount, add money to the wallet, or can find out his wallet transaction


    All Vendor

    The customer can see the All Vendor link under the “Navigation Drawer”. After clicking on this link, the customer can see all vendor list. When the customer clicks on a vendor, can see the contact information of the vendor, the shipping address of the vendor, and the description of the vendor. The customer can also view the products of the selected vendor.


    Customers can apply the filter according to their needs on the category page. Also, there is a facility to sort the products. Products can be sort by alphabetically, pricing, popularity, and newest item.


    Products can be viewed as both grid and list. The customer can change the view of the product after the grid or list button.

    Language and Currency

    The customer can also change his currency according to the requirement. Under the left drawer, they can see the language bar, where they can change language and currency.

    After the change in the language and currency, all data of the app will change in respect of language and currency.


    Others- CMS pages for customer


    The customer can check out for his purchases. At the checkout page, the customer can apply the coupon code, can remove or update his cart. The checkout process is divided into the following steps.

    Add to Cart:

    The customer can see the Add to Cart button on the product page. After clicking on the “Add to Cart” button, will receive a message “The product was added to your cart”.  After that, the customer can proceed to the next step of checkout.


    Billing and Shipping Address:

    Under this section, customers can select their profile as main, home, and business. They also have the option to select “are shipping and billing address the same?”


    Shipping Options:

    All the shipping methods will show in this section. customers can choose the shipping option here. Shipping guidelines also show in this section.


    Billing Options:

    Under this section, customers can select the billing method for the order. After Successfully placing the order, they can see a popup on “Congratulations! Your order has been successfully placed”. they can view the order details from here and also go for continuing their shopping.


    Delete Account

    Under the navigation bar customer have the option to “Delete Account“, if customers want to delete their account they can click the tab and delete information displayed on a screen.

    The customer confirms their password after that popup will ask them to confirm if they press ok customer account is permanently deleted all information.


    GDPR Compliance

    The app is fully compliant with policies set by the EU under GDPR.

    The following points must be concerned here to make the GDPR compliant-

    • Privacy By Design- The design of the Mobikul app is in such a way that it takes care of app users’ data. It abides by Article 23, that app must only hold and process data that is absolutely necessary.
    • Direct Consent- Under the GDPR it must take user consent for collecting or sharing the data of the user. The terms and conditions are not pre-checked and the app user can read the complete content before agreeing to them.

    These conditions are clearly visible and transparent to the app user.

    The app has GDPR enabled on multiple pages in our application- Register, Submit Reviews, Profile Page, Checkout, and, Order Communication. These pages are the ones having the personal data of the app user which we ensure the app uses the safety of their data.

    The admin can check the box for the above-mentioned page settings to make it visible on the app front end.

    Note- Here, we have integrated the CS-Cart default GDPR extension in the application.



    This is all about CS-Cart Multivendor Mobikul Mobile App. Still, have any issues, feel free to contact us at and let us know your views to make the module better.

    Besides this, you can explore our CS-Cart Development Services and top-quality CS-Cart add-ons.

    Current Product Version - 2.0

    Supported Framework Version - 4.3.x, 4.4.x, 4.5.x, 4.6.x,4.7.x,4.8.2.

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    Hello, Does the CS Cart Multi Vendor App work with Stripe Payments at checkout?
    • Prince (Moderator)

      We do provide one payment integration-free with our Mobile App purchase. We can integrate the Stripe Payment Method with your mobile App. The Stripe Payment method must work on your website to integrate with the mobile app.

      You can check out the following link for more details:



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