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CS-Cart Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Updated 9 October 2023

CS-Cart Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section is a part of your website where you address common concerns, objections or questions that customers have. Your FAQ page can also act as the first point of contact for customers looking for answers before they reach out to you directly with their questions.

Now in the CS-Cart website, you can add FAQs for some general queries and also allow site visitors to ask questions and post their answers. CS-Cart Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) addon allows you to add FAQ’s or Customer Questions and Answers section on the product page, category page and the general FAQ section for all the pages. So, this way you can save both prospects and your time and the visitors get instant information.

Check a brief overview of the plugin –



  • Well integrated with both CS-Cart and CS-Cart Multi-vendor.
  • Admin can choose Max number of FAQ’s to be shown at frontend in one go. Further, the list of questions can be expanded and collapsed.
  • Option to allow guest users to post questions and answers at admin end.
  • Admin can select user-groups who can post questions and answers.
  • Functionality to approve/delete/save/edit answers and questions in the admin panel.
  • The ability for the administrator to get e-mail notifications about new questions and answers submitted by customers.
  • Supports multiple languages.
  • Available to use on different pages via block manager.
  • The customer/Visitor can add an unlimited number of questions.
  • Doesn’t affect CS-Cart core files
  • Easy to configure and manage at admin end.
  • Improves your Google search rankings by including the keywords in your questions and answers.
  • Improves sales conversion and helps prospects to reach a decision.
  • Extends support to clients; Helpful for new users of your product or service.

How To Upload And Install

  • After downloading CS-Cart Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) add-on you’ll get the zip file, one install.txt file, and a relevant User Guide manual doc. Read it carefully for proper configuration.Go to Manage Add-ons, click on “+” as shown below in the snapshot.


Click on “Local” to browse the zip file and then click on “Upload & Install” as shown below in snapshot.

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CS-Cart Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Add-on Configuration

After add-on installation, we need to configure the settings.


In the FAQs settings,

  • You get an option to set who (Guest/Registered User) can post questions and answers in the FAQs section.
  • There is an option to enable email notification for the store admin ie; whenever any query or answers is posted, the admin will be notified via email.
  • The last option is to set the number of questions to be displayed at frontend by default.

Just make the settings and save.


Backend View

After the CS-Cart Frequently Asked Questions add-on installation and proper configuration, Navigate to Website tab at the backend. There will be a tab viz; FAQ where you can add general questions and answers related to your store, category, or products.


On navigating to the FAQ section,

  • You get the separate tabs for adding and managing frequently asked questions and answers for Products, Categories or any General concerns.
  • On each tab, there is an option to AddImport, Export, Delete or Approve the posted questions and answers. Please refer to the following image.

Product FAQs Tab view :

product FAQ

Add Product FAQ Via Backend :

If you click on Add question, you will get a pop-up form which includes the following fields.

  • Name and email Id of the person posting a question.
  • Product for which the FAQ is being added.
  • Option to enable FAQ for the chosen product. (If enabled then only this will be visible at frontend)
  • Text field to enter the question.

add question

Category FAQs Tab view :

category FAQ

Add Category FAQ Via Backend : 

You can add FAQ for the desired category in a similar way as done for a product. Refer to the below snapshot.

add question category

General FAQs Tab view :

General FAQ

Add General FAQ Via Backend: 

Just enter the name, email, and query for the general FAQ.

add question general

Add Answers Via Backend: 

Simply add the name of the user posting the answer and the answer content.

add answer backend

This is how you can add FAQs to the backend. You can also enable and disable FAQs from the Add-on tab present under the Products as well as Category detail page at the backend as shown below.

Product Page


Category Page

category page

Now, in order to display these questions and answers at frontend, You need to add the FAQ block on the desired page.

Navigate to Design-> Layout as shown below.


Go to the desired page and click to add the block for the FAQ’s.

add block

Enter the name of the block and choose the template for the block. There are two templates provided separately for Products/categories and General Pages. Choose accordingly & create.

add block 1

After adding the block edit it to select the desired wrapper & save.

edit block

After setting proper layout this FAQ section will be available on the frontend.

In this FAQ add-on package, you get a feature to import or export the questions and answers. So, to import, navigate to Administration-> Import Data-> FAQ’s as shown below.

Import 1

Here you can import questions and answers separately. Please refer the following snapshots for the same.

Import Questions:

Import Ques

Import Answers

Import Answers

To Export, navigate to Administration-> Export Data-> FAQ’s as shown below.


Export Questions

Export Ques

Export the Answers


This is how you can import and export the questions and answers.

Admin can also assign privilege to the user groups to view and manage the FAQs as shown below.


Front-end View

The FAQ section at frontend will look like as shown below

FAQ frontend
You can get an expanded view of the list by clicking Read More Questions.

expanded view frontend

There is an option for the user to post the question and answer via frontend as per the addon configuration at admin panel.

Post Question View:

add question frontend

Post Answers View:

add answer frontend

The posted questions and answers will be visible on the frontend only after the admin approval.

This is how you can get the feature of adding a Customer Questions and Answers section as well as the FAQ section just by installing this simple and effective add-on.


That’s all for the add-on, still, have any issue, feel free to write here  and let us know your views to make the module better.

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Current Product Version - 1.1

Supported Framework Version - CS-Cart & Multi-Vendor versions 4.9.x, 4.10.x, 4.11.x

Blog Version - CS-Cart & Multi-Vendor versions 4.9.x, 4.10.x, 4.11.x
  • Version CS-Cart & Multi-Vendor versions 4.9.x, 4.8.x, 4.7.x
  • Version CS-Cart & Multi-Vendor versions 4.9.x, 4.10.x, 4.11.x
. . .

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