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    CS-Cart Delivery Boy App

    Updated 11 October 2023


    The CS-Cart Delivery Boy App is a Flutter based application to allow the management of deliveries efficiently. It allows the admin to assign the orders to the delivery boys.

    This app also allows the admin to track down the activities of the delivery boys. This will give the benefit of a safe and secure delivery process.

    Features Of CS-Cart Delivery Boy App

    • Admin can track the availability of delivery boys.
    • Admin can assign the orders to the delivery boys.
    • The admin can register the delivery boys to the app.
    • The delivery boy will have a separate login facility.
    • Admin and delivery boy both can examine the sales and orders of the product.
    • Delivery Boy can mark the order as Picked, Delivered/Not Delivered.
    • Delivery process authentication via OTP.

    Video Tutorial

    Check the Workflow at the mobile end for the CS-Cart Delivery Boy mobile App –


    Technological Stack

    • Language- Flutter-Dart.
    • Editor- Android- Android Studio, iOS- VS code.
    • Network Request- Dio network.
    • Library Dependencies- Pub package name.


    • After Downloading The CS-Cart Delivery Boy Mobile App.
    • You’ll Get One Zip File And Install Text.
    • Read The Blog Carefully And Configure It Accordingly.
    • Firstly Go To the Manage Add-Ons Page.
    • Browse And Select The Zip File.
    • Upload And Install.

    Admin Front- CS-Cart Delivery Boy App

    Login application

    The admin can log in to the application to quickly manage the orders and delivery boys. Hence, from here the admin can view the orders and assign the new orders to a delivery boy.
    The admin can enter the username and password here in the application to sign in the application. Here, the username and password will be the same as used in the back end admin panel.


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    Post login the admin could see the statics of the sales and orders in the form of a graph. Thus, the admin can even view the Open, Processing and Complete orders.

    • Open Orders- This section will have the orders that are having the status as pending. This specifies those orders which are yet to be delivered.
    • Processing Orders-This section will have those orders which are in the process of delivery.
    • Complete Orders- This section will be having those orders that are completely processed and delivered to the customer.



    The admin can even view the map where the delivery boy location is visible. Here, the current location of the log-in delivery boy is visible.

    However, the last location of the logged out delivery boy could be seen.

    Delivery Boy

    The admin even registers the delivery boy using the application. Here, the admin will be able to register the delivery boys by clicking the add option.


    The admin can add the details of new delivery boys, like-


    • Name.
    • Contact Number.
    • Email Address and Password with which the delivery boy could log in to the application.
    • Registered Vehicle Number.
    • Residential Address.
    • Status of Delivery Boy.
    • Registered Vehicle Type.

    The admin can even click on details of the existing delivery boy to edit it.



    In order, to edit the details the admin needs to click on the edit option. Thus, allowing the admin to change the information about the delivery boy.



    The admin can even delete the delivery boy details from here.


    This section will contain the list of orders as placed in the CS-Cart Mobikul Mobile app(customer-centric app).

    The admin can assign the pending orders from this section to various delivery boys.


    Order Details

    The admin can click on the order which is having Open status. The admin can assign the order to the delivery boy.

    Here, the admin can see the complete details of the order right from the Payment address, Shipping Address to the Payment Method and Shipping Method.


    It will also have the list of products that the customer has purchased and the amount total of the order.

    Now, the admin chooses the available delivery boy to assign the order. So, for this, the admin needs to click on Choose Delivery Boy. This will open a list of delivery boys registered in the app.

    Hence, the order details will show the information of the delivery boy like below-



    Delivery Boy-Front-CS-Cart Delivery Boy App


    The registered delivery boy can log in to the application to view the orders assigned.

    Here, the delivery boy can use the username and password as entered by the admin while registration of the customer.



    The delivery boy will be able to see a homepage just like the admin. Wherein the graph statistics sales and orders are visible.

    In addition, the delivery boy will even see the Open, Processing, and Completed orders. However, the delivery boys will see those orders which are assigned to them.



    Account Settings

    This section will display the account details as entered by the admin. Hence, it contains the details as-

    • Delivery Boy display image.
    • Registered vehicle number of the delivery boy.
    • Mail id of the delivery boy.
    • Vehicle type with which the delivery boy uses.
    • The contact number of the delivery boy.



    The list of orders is assigned to the delivery boy. Here, all the delivery boy orders are visible with different status types.
    That is the newly assigned orders, orders that are in the processing state and the orders that the delivery boy has delivered to the customers.


    Order Pickup

    So, the delivery boy can open the order detail and select the option as Picked.


    Delievered/Not Delivered

    The delivery boy here can select among options as delivered or not delivered as per the requirement.

    Once the delivery boy clicks on the Delivered button the cash transaction will prompt a pop-up indicating the amount to be paid. Wherein the admin can click on Pay Button to registred the received payment.


    Once the payment is done, the delivery boy will receive a pop-up for the OTP. Thus, the delivery boy will enter the encrypted password to validate the delivery.



    Finally, on entering the valid OTP the delivery boy will receive a confirmation message stating a successful delivery.




    Thank you for reading this documentation. Further, if you have any issues, please create a support ticket – or write an email to [email protected].

    Please explore our cs-cart Development Services and Quality cs-cart add-ons

    Current Product Version - 1.0.0

    Supported Framework Version - CS-Cart- 4.3.x, 4.4.x, 4.5.x, 4.6.x, 4.7.x, 4.8.x, 4.9.x,4.10.x Android- 4.1 and above iOS- 9 and above

    . . .

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