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    CS-Cart Auction

    CS-Cart Auction: Now convert your CS-Cart eCommerce site into an Auction website with the splendid add-on CS-Cart Auction. By enabling Auction in CS-Cart, both admin and vendor can create the auction. Buyers can bid for the product. Admin/vendor can monitor all the bids happening at any particular auction product. The highest bidder will automatically be the auction winner and will then be able to purchase the auction product.


    • Functionality to enable auction on any desired product.
    • The concept of Email notification has been provided for the bidder, auctioneer and outbid buyer.
    • Functionality to hide add to cart button and price details from listed auctioned products is available at the backend.
    • Functionality to set auto increment in bid value after each bid is available.
    • Option to define winner of a particular product can be managed manually/automatically as per the admin’s configuration.
    • Option to set Email layout is available at admin end (Available if Old Email Template Mode is being used at the store.)
    • Functionality to set Minimum Bid Win Product Price, Starting Product Price and Incremental Price.
    • Admin can set auction start & ending time.
    • Count-down timer on the product page to give the real auction experience.
    • Admin can see all the auction bidders in real time.
    • The top bidder will be declared winner automatically as the timer stop.
    • Very user-friendly both at backend and frontend.

    Updated Features For Version 2.0

    • Option to display the auction history at user end based on admin’s configuration.
    • Admin can set the limit for the display of auction history at the user end.
    • Enable/disable the display of auction winner at frontend based on admin settings.
    • A separate tab is provided at frontend to view the history of an auction.
    • **Option to delete the bidding user has been provided at admin end. 
    • Better representation of view at both backend and frontend.
    • **Separate “bid history” panel is provided at product page where users can view the current history of bidding.

    **Discontinued from version 3.0

    Updated Features For Version 3.1

    • Well Integrated with CS-Cart Multivendor.
    • The vendor can also add & view the Auction.
    • Enhanced & user-friendly backend view.
    • Auction countdown timer is available at the backend as well.
    • Automatic scheduling of future auction.
    • A countdown timer for scheduled auction at the backend as well as at frontend.
    • Admin/Vendor would not be able to reschedule an active state auction product until the product goes to the complete state.

    Updated Features For Version 4.0

    • The auction will auto-start if product quantity has available.
    •  The admin can set a time in which if somebody is bidding, the bidding end time should auto increment by N minutes.
    • Admin can declare the winner to the particular customer.
    • Add the wallet system.
    • The deducted amount will be auto-credited to the outer bidder’s wallet if the winner is declared.
    • Admin can choose the particular store-front to create an auction.
    • Enable/Disable auction when the product is out of stock.
    • If the winner does not purchase the auction product then It will be auto-assigned to the second winner or disabled or restarted.
    • Enable/Disable bidder to bid more than one auction on the store.
    • Set the maximum quantity of product to buy the auction winner.
    • Set bid price increment rule for auction

    How To Upload And Install

    • When you’ll download the CS-Cart Auction Add-on you’ll get one zip files, one install.txt file and a relevant User Guide manual doc. Read it carefully for proper configuration.Go to Manage Add-ons, click on “+” as shown below in the snapshot.


    Click on “Local” to browse the zip file and then click on “Upload & Install” as shown below in snapshot.

    CS-Cart Auction

    Start your headless eCommerce
    Read More

    Addon Settings

    Once the addon is installed successfully, we need to configure the settings of the addon.


    In General Settings, there is an option to :

    • Enter the number of entries to be displayed as bid history.
    • Set the number of last bidders to send email notification of the current bid.
    • Check the box to show auction winner to other bidders.
    • Check the box to hide the product when that product is purchased by the winner.
    • Set how the bidder name will be displayed at front end ie; First three character of name, Full Name, Email id if name empty


    Click on Email Setting for notification template. A feature to set the notification templates on below-mentioned events is provided.

    • Email Template for Current Bidder.
    • Template for Auction Winner.
    • For the previous bidder.
    • For Admin when highest bid is less than ‘Minimum Bid To Win’
    • Email to all bidders, Admin, and vendor when the auction ends.

    email settings

    Auction Configuration

    Let’s see how to configure & add the products for auction. Go to Products ->> Auction as shown below in the snapshot.


    Click on + to add a new Auction.

    list of auction

    In General Tab, there are a few mandatory fields which need to be filled for the new auction which includes :

    1. Select the product for auction from the available products.
    2. Set Starting product price for the auction.
    3. Set the reserve price (ie; the price at which the winner will be declared) for the auction.
    4. Enter the minimum incremental price for the next bid.
    5. Set the date & time to start the auction.
    6. Set the last date and time to end the auction.
    7. Select Enable to show the reserve price to the customers.
    8. Set the status (Active/Disabled) of this auction.
    9. Auction will auto-start if product quantity has available.
    10. Enable/Disable auction when the product is out of stock.
    11. Enable/Disable bidder to bid more than one auction on the store.
    12. Set the maximum quantity of product to buy the auction winner.


    Add the wallet system

    The admin can enable/disable the wallet.

    Note: If you enable the wallet in the auction then the amount would be accepted only by the wallet.


    Add the store

    The admin can choose the particular storefront to create an auction.


    Next Email Templates Tab will be available if you are using the Old Email Template Mode. For the New Email Template Mode, email templates will be managed as per the new email template feature.

    add email settings

    The same feature to set the notification templates for various events as provided in the add-on settings is provided here as well for the Old Email Template Mode.

    If you want to change the Email-template setting from Old Email Template Mode to New Email Template Mode then go to Setting ->> Appearance and then change the setting from here for email- template mode as shown below in the snapshots.

    bid history

    bid history

    Next tab is for Bid History, where all the bidding history will be listed. At the time of auction creation, this field will be empty but after the creation of auction it will show the time count down as shown below.

    bid history

    This is how the added Auction will be listed along with the current auction status and will be visible at the backend.

    auction list

    Use Cron Job for declaring the winner

    While the auction is complete it will declare the winner and the winner not purchase so it declare the second winner.


    Front End View

    At the front end, there is an eye-catching view of the product available for bidding. A countdown timer, adds the additional charm to the product detail page as shown below. The bidder will be able to view the current bid amount and the reserve price and accordingly can enter the amount and make a bid.
    bid history frontend

    For scheduled auction as well, there will be a timer displaying the countdown to start the auction.

    countdown at frontend for scheduled auction
    A separate tab is available for the bidding history as shown below. The bidder name in the history will be available as per the settings at admin end.

    bid history frontend

    A bidder can view his bid history in the My bid Section provided in My Account as shown below.

    my bid

    The customer will be able to view the status of the Auctions he participated in.  Win status will display the results after auction completion as shown in the below snapshots.

    • If a customer is Winner, he will be able to view Add to Cart button for that particular auction.
    • If he has purchased the product he will see the win status as Claimed along with the corresponding order id of purchase.
    • On losing the auction, there will be a sorry message as shown below in the snapshot.
    • For a running deal, the customer will be able to view his last bid amount with a Running status.

    bid history running bid

    bid history running bid

    Back End View

    At Backend, there is an option to edit and delete the auction. Only the scheduled auctions can be edited. Also, Admin & vendor can view the bidders on particular auction as shown below.edit

    Admin/Vendor will be able to view the bid history in the Edit mode of the auction. A countdown timer will be available at the backend for both the running bid and the scheduled bid as shown below.

    For Running Bid:

    bid history running bid

    For scheduled bid:

    bid history scheduled bid

    Auction Users will be listed as per the below screenshot.

    auction users

    Once the auction process is completed, the auction winner will be declared automatically. The highest bidder will be the winner only if his bidding amount is greater than the reserve price.

    The auction will remain pending if the winner has not yet purchased the product. Only the winner will be able to view Add to Cart button for that particular auction product.

    winner backend

    Admin has the functionality to change the winner manually as well. The winner will then be notified via email with the same email content as the automatically declared winner was notified.

    manual winner change

    Once the winner has purchased the product the Auction status will get changed to Completed and corresponding order id will be displayed as shown below.

    claimed backend


    That’s all for the Cs-Cart Auction, still, have any issue, feel free to write here  and let us know your views to make the module better.
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    Current Product Version - 4.0

    Supported Framework Version - 4.13.x - 4.15.x

    Blog Version - 4.13.x - 4.15.x
    • Version 4.8.x, 4.9.x, 4.10.x
    • Version 4.8.x - 4.10.2
    • Version 4.7.x, 4.8.x, 4.9.x
    • Version 4.13.x - 4.15.x
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