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    Create drop down product attribute in Magento 2

    Today  I am going to explain, how we can create drop down attribute for Products in Magento 2.
    There are two ways to create the drop down attribute in Magento.
    1 -> Manually : Go To admin panel,  Store -> Attributes -> Product .
    2 -> Programmatically .

    In this blog I am covering how we can create the drop down attribute programmatically,
    So let’s start :
    Step 1 : create InstallData.php file : Company\Module\Setup\InstallData.php
    Now In this file, create an Array of the attributes that you want to add as below.

    Step 2 : Now Add and Assign Attribute to Group and Attribute Set.

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    Note :
    $attributeSet : you can load the attribute collection and loop for it or Can pass specific id instead.
    $groupId : Magento\Eav\Model\Entity\Attribute\Group : you can get the group id with the help of this class.

    Now , Options for drop down attribute , you can add options directly as a array.
    and another approach is to use class Magento\Eav\Model\Entity\Attribute\Source\AbstractSource  as follows :

    Please read each line carefully, so that you can create the attributes easily.
    and In case you have any Query then feel free to ask in comment section below.

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  • Senthil
    Step 2 is not clear
    • Prabhat Rawat
      I have added classes in comment for second step, that I thing you might be confused with.
      If there is any thing else with which you are confused, that I have missed to explain so please explain in more details.

      In second step, we have just added and assigned the attribute to the attribute set and group.

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